Add Some Drama: Give Your Room An Eclectic Twist

Add Some Drama: Give Your Room An Eclectic Twist

Add Some Drama: Give Your Room An Eclectic Twist

Going unconventional is the latest fad in interior designing. Many individual designing their homes are picking up one such unconventional style -- eclectic style. Distinctive from the conventional décor styles, eclectic style is a combination of styles from different origins and different time periods clubbed together in a sole project. A mix-and-match process. But, this needs to be put in place carefully otherwise your room may end up looking cluttered.
MakaanIQ lists some do's and don'ts you should follow that will help you implement this style with perfection:

  • Pick up the right colour: Trying this style for the first time? Use neutral palette on your wall. Opt for colours like olive green or off-white. You could give add more colours using elements in the room including sofas, lamps, table or any pictures.
  • Put a value addition: Any bookshelf, a bin or a card table can be a decorative. Fabrics and colours will certainly help in decoration but utility has its own importance. So try considering these items while decorating your room in eclectic style.
  • Correct placement is a must: Colours, patterns and textures are relatively easier to pick than creating the right layout. You should make sure you have picture in your mind when it comes to placement of furniture and other decorative. It is advisable to to practice these before you go out purchasing these elements.
  • Perfect balance: The mix-and-match look needs a lot of balancing. When you are putting together so many dissimilar accessories in your single room it is wise enough to give the correct amount of balance.
  • Bring in new styles: Any contemporary furniture or a wall art will be worth putting in eclectic style. Trying out some new styles or create a one of your own.


  • Don't get confused with too many colours: You should never compare your shades, this may land you in confusion and tend to produce some bizarre effects. Pick few colours of your choice, paint them on a board and then select. This way you can have a clear picture of your choice and also, if it will suit your room décor or not.
  • Do not skip focal point: While planning placement of your furniture, the curation should not look out of focus. A fireplace, a modern art painting or a bold decorative piece can be an answer to your focal point solutions.
  • Do not focus on a single room: Every room should complement each other and your focus should not be limited to a single room. It may be time consuming to have an eclectic décor in each of your rooms but it is sensible to reflect the creativity in every single room of your house. If you don't consider the style in each of your room, your home might look disorganised as the styling will alter abruptly from one room to the next.
  • Don't be random: When you are contrasting textures, layouts and colours, try to avoid for a haphazard outcome.
  • Don't style too much: Over doze of anything is bad. Follow the basic rules in eclectic style. Choose a couple of decorative items and stick with it. It shouldn't be cluttered and give you an impression of a junkyard.
Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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