A Matte-r Of Style: 5 Ways To Add Matte Finish To Your Home

A Matte-r Of Style: 5 Ways To Add Matte Finish To Your Home

A Matte-r Of Style: 5 Ways To Add Matte Finish To Your Home

Not only in the world of fashion but also in the world of interior decorations, the gloss is out and the matte is in. There was a time when a gloss or an oil paint-finish was considered to be luxury for a home while the mattes were the basic. But, with evolution of colours and changing design sensibilities, matte is back.

So, if you are planning to give your home a cosmo look, MakaaniQ lists five areas and ways you where you could incorporate matte finish:

Accent-uate the wall

matte living room(dgmagnets.com)

Want to add the matte finish to your living room and want it to stand out? You could do that by creating an extra-dark-coloured matte wall in your otherwise white or off-white painted room. To add beauty to the room, use a lighter tone of the same colour for your couches.

Add it to the kitchen

Matte kitchen(houseofhome.com)

The glossy cabinets in the kitchens are outdated now. You could opt for matte finish for your cabinetry and to add to the look, you could replicate this finish to your resin-made countertops. Also, if you plan to install granite or marble on the countertops, give them a matte finish, too.

Vanity no apologies

matte bathroom(immersionimaging.com)

Planning to revamp your bathroom? Go matte this time. Use matte-finished bathroom accessories in white, including washbasins, seats, bathtub and cabinetry. To add to this, add a raw wood or matte-finished wall. Or, how about a bathroom door painted in matte grey?

Brighten up with matte

Matte lighting(homelife.com)

With the changing design trends, lighting with rustic frames have found space in many of our homes. Like we talked about them in our article on Scandinavian home décor, dark-coloured matte-finish pendant lights or wall scones could stand out in a décor.

A dream bedroom


For those who love a rustic or an industrial look, matte finish is what you should be using judicially. If you are decorating a bedroom, go all in. Install a low-lying bed made of raw-finish wooden panels, paint them in light grey, create a matte finish wall, and add an industrial lighting lamp to complete the look. To complete the look, add a book shelf and a wall painting made in black and white.

Last Updated: Mon Sep 26 2016

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