A Cost Effective Way To Keep Your Home Cool

A Cost Effective Way To Keep Your Home Cool

A Cost Effective Way To Keep Your Home Cool

The temperature in India is breaking new records and reaching as high as 45 degree Celsius in some of the northern cities in the month of April. While people rely on air conditioners and coolers to beat the heat, the rising electricity bills are a concern, too.

But, these appliances seem to fail for homes that just have a roof on top, say the top floors of a building and even worse if the building is a low-rise. With no air whatsoever, the roof only heats up with the sun, making the floor underneath a living furnace. In such a case, there are ways to keep your home cool at a cost lower than what you will pay as your monthly electricity bill. And, one of the most cost-effective is cool roof paints. MakaaniQ tells you more about these special paints:

What are cool roof paints?

Available in white colour, cool roof paint is made using chemicals that allows these paints to provide thermal insulation and are also, waterproof. It is known that using a cool roof paint can help you bring down temperature in the home by five to seven degrees Celsius. With a life of six to seven years, cool roof paints work on the principle of continuous rejection of ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun, thus, keeping the home underneath cool.

How much would it cost you?

On an average, you would require a litre of paint for every 100 sq ft. Taking a look at price of cool roof paints by leading paint players and taking in the labour cost, you will have to shell about Rs 2,000 - Rs 5,000 to paint the roof of an average 2BHK apartment. The price variation can be due to the price of the paint depending on the brand you choose and the varied labour cost depending on the city and area you are living in. Moreover, you could also check with the paint company or the dealer to provide with the labour that knows how to use that paint wisely.

What is the process?

Cool roof paint can be applied to existing paint or flooring of the roof. Manufacturers and contractors suggest that the process of applying the paint on a standard 2BHK apartment takes about three hours. And, for best results, the process should begin before dawn or after dusk when the roof is cooler than what it is during the day.

Another alternative

There is another way of creating cool roofs. Install white tiles on the roof of your house to reflect the heat and keep the home cool. This can be a time-consuming and an expensive task as the building material required will be more than what you would need to paint the roof.

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Last Updated: Wed May 03 2017

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