#ChildrensDay: 8 Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

#ChildrensDay: 8 Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

#ChildrensDay: 8 Ways To Baby-Proof Your Home

Kids are always curious. Sometimes, this curiosity might also lead to accidents and prove harmful to the kids. So, if you have a little one, be aware of the potential dangers that lurk in your home, and take steps to remove the risks.

MakaaniQ lists ways in which you could child-proof your home and let them have fun in a safe environment:

Check electricals

Electrical cords pose a safety hazard to children of all ages, so keep them out of children's reach. Put outlet covers on all electrical sockets to keep your little one from getting an electric shock. Also, use plastic plug protectors for electrical outlets.

Keep medicines away

Always store the medicines at a height and in locked cabinets away from kids' reach. Avoid taking a medicine in front of your little one, as the child may get curious to imitate you.

Lock it up

Secure household cleaners and other chemicals in locked cabinets. Try to place them in upper-level cabinets. Make sure all the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are locked. Purchase foam finger-pinch protectors to keep little ones from slamming their fingers in cabinet doors.

Lock windows, doors and drawers

Use child-safety locks for knobs on any doors leading outside or to balconies, bathrooms and kitchens. While in kitchen, appliances could be a safety hazard, in bathroom water could be harmful if played with. Keep windows latched or install window guards, as windows can sometimes pose a danger.

Use safety gates

Install safety gates that are up-to-date with current safety standards. Use these at doorways that lead to staircase, basement, attic, and other places at your home that could be unsafe for your child. Also, make sure your yard is fenced to keep him or her within home boundaries.

Secure household appliances

Make sure all household appliances are properly stored in an area inaccessible to your child.

Cover furniture edges

Protect your child by covering sharp corners and edges of the furniture with foam to prevent any injuries while they are playing.

Secure pool & tubs

Safeguard areas around pools, hot tubs, and other places with standing water, including fish tanks and ponds. Use pool covers for your pool and empty the tub when not in use.

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