A Bridge That Breathes Fire

A Bridge That Breathes Fire

A Bridge That Breathes Fire
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Cầu Rồng, which means Dragon Bridge in Vietnamese, is a bridge over the River Han at Da Nang in Vietnam.  The steel bridge is designed by American architecture firm Louis Berger and Ammann & Whitney, The Louis Berger Group. The bridge was opened to the public in 2013.

Let's take a look at some of the interesting facts about the fire-breathing bridge.

  • The design of the Dragon Bridge is based on the dragon of the Lý Dynasty. According to Vietnamese folklore, the creature is known for flying into the sea and bringing in good luck. The dragon is designed in such a way as to make it look like it slithering through the middle of the bridge.
  • The metallic dragon is embedded in the bridge, which is 1,864-feet long. The traffic passes under the steel dragon that is lighted with 2,500 LED lights.
  • The bridge apart from being based on the mythical creature also incorporates the characteristic of the creature. The dragon breathes fire from its throat and it also sprays water like any gentle creature.
  • The special characteristic of the bridge apart from throwing flames and water is that the main deck of the bridge can swing 180 degrees to allow the ships to move upriver from the busy harbour.

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