9 Unusual Buildings Around the World

9 Unusual Buildings Around the World

9 Unusual Buildings Around the World

Historical buildings are the telltale symbols of the era gone-by. There are many buildings around the around the world that are outrageously unique and uncommon in their design. From hotels hanging off the cliff to an office designed like a picnic basket to mirrored cubic rooms to lotus temple, we bring you some of the most unusual buildings around the world.

Skylodge Adventure Suite, Cusco, Peru

Sleeping and eating 1,000ft above in Peru, is not for the weak in heart and claustrophobic. Located at Sacred Valley, the Skylodge Adventure Suite, offers a lifetime chance to sleep in a completely transparent hanging bedroom. In order to reach the lodge, one has to climb 1,312 feet or hike up a daring trail.


Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California, USA

The owner of the house, Sarah Winchester, believed that her house was haunted by spirits, so she built her house like labyrinth to ward off spirits from her house. The house had been constantly under-construction. It has many odd features like a wardrobe extending across 30 rooms and a door that led to nowhere.

Kansas City Library, Kansas City, Missouri, USA ID 50916898 © Alexander Kantor | Dreamstime.com

The Kansas City Public Library is a public system. It has its headquarters in Kansas City. The striking feature of this library is the Community Bookshelf, which actually is the exterior of the central library parking garage. The book spines measure approximately 25 feet by 9 feet and are made of sign board mylar, shelf showcases 22 titles reflecting the wide variety of reading interest by Kansas City readers.

Lotus Temple-Bahai House of Worship, Delhi, India ID 28612245 © Somchai Somsanitangkul | Dreamstime.com

The name itself is self-explanatory; the temple is built in the replication of blooming lotus flower because it doesn't represent any religion but also has a deep connection with Indians.  Completed in 1986, the Lotus Temple is one of the seven major Bahai temples in the world. The temple is made from 27 marble petals that are unsupported and the length of the petals goes not more than 40 metres.

Floating Hotel, Zvornik Lake, Mali Zvornik Serbia

What could be a perfect way to spend your holiday floating on water while taking your own sweet time to enjoy the natural beauty. Made of catamaran apartments, the main dock houses the café, reception area, restaurant, an event hall and offices for the staff. The apartments are connected to the central dock but can be detached. The apartment consists of a salon, a galley, a bathroom, a hall with storage space and a sleeping area. It can accommodate two to four people.

Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Cubic House is a set of innovative house designed by architect Pirt Blom, built in Rotterdam Helmand in Netherlands. A conventional cube has been tilted at 45 degrees  and rested it on hexagonal pylon. The basic concept behind building this kind of house was “living as an urban roof”, high density housing with sufficient space of ground level. The design represents a village with a city.

Longaberger Headquarters, Newark, Ohio, USA ID 29919853 © Clarence Martin | Dreamstime.com

What other way to publicise your ware than designing your office in the same shape as your product. The company Longaberger is known for production of handcrafted maple wood baskets and other household products. The baskets in Longaberger are signed and dated by the maker. The basket office was the headquarters of Longaberger; the unique feature of the building is that the handles are heated to prevent ice formation in order to prevent any kind of damage either to the building or the employees.

Indira Gandhi Planetarium, India

The planetarium shaped as Saturn, was completed in the year 2003. The spherical structure is constructed on a platform designed as the crater formed in the celestial body. The diameter of the spherical structure is 21 meter in diameter. It is completed with the five rings which is unique to the planet.

Mirror Cube, Harads, Sweden

The room is 90 square feet and is suspended 40 feet above the ground, the walls are covered with reflective glass, and the base is made up of aluminium frame. The room is fully equipped with room heating and working toilet. It gives a panoramic view hung so high above the ground

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