9 Types Of Chairs You Should Have At Your Home

9 Types Of Chairs You Should Have At Your Home

9 Types Of Chairs You Should Have At Your Home
When placed properly, chairs can add the much-needed drama to your décor. (Pixabay)

Chairs are a not-to-be-ignored piece of furniture for every home. Available in different sizes and shapes, chairs can be differentiated on the basis of purpose, style of seating, comfort and even the room in which these are placed. When placed properly, chairs can add the much-needed drama to your décor.

MakaanIQ lists nine types of chairs that you should invest in on the basis of your specific needs:

Arm Chair

arm chair(Dreamstime/Dan Heighton)

This is one of the commonly found chairs at homes. With a straight back and armrest for comfort to the arms and elbows, the arm chair can be either covered in upholstery or completely made of wood. These are available in vibrant colours and can fit your living room or study. Buy them in a pair or a single piece, depending on your need.

Bergere Chair

Bergere(Dreamstime/Pongphan Ruengchai)

A French-inspired chair, this can perfectly adorn your living room as part of your complete sofa set. These chairs have overstuffed seat and backrest. Their design is more curvaceous and carved. Though these are a perfect fit for your living room, these can also be placed as a leisure chair in your study or bedroom.

Lounge Chair

lounge chair(Dreamstime/Dmytro Grankin)

As the name suggests, these chairs are for times when you would want to lounge with your legs stretched out. These chairs come with in-built extensions or are coupled with a footrest for you to stretch yourself. Lounge chairs can be placed as a corner statement piece in your living room, study room or bedroom. You can also keep the less stuffed or a non-wooden version on your porch.

Egg Chair

egg chair(Dreamstime/Patrick Barry)

These are one of the most in-vogue chairs for those who plan to give their homes a contemporary look. You could place them in your entertainment zone, where you can sit and enjoy your favourite movie or play your favourite video game. Also, you can buy a hanging version of these chairs and install it in your porch or balcony – it can be your favourite place to sit and read a book while you enjoy the weather.

Fauteuil Chair


A Victorian-style chair, fauteuil chair can be your statement piece of your living area. Available in classy upholstery, these chairs are well-designed and give a serious yet elegant look to your home. A perfect fit for those who have a taste for luxury.

Ladder-Back Chair

ladder back(Dreamstime/Ken Backer)

A favourite for the dining area, ladder-back chairs are the most basic dining chairs. These are one of the most comfortable options for those looking for dining chairs in a small apartment. You could also use these as side chairs near the fireplace as a decorative to be used when there is a need. These are available in different wood finishes and colours.

Rocking Chair

rocking chair(Dreamstime/Travnikovstudio)

Though old-school, these chairs still ooze style. Well-carved with two curved bends attached to the ends of the four legs, these chairs give a swing-like feel to the person sitting in it. Place one on the porch or in your library; it is liked by all age groups.

Recliner Chair

recliner(Dreamstime/Praethip Docekalova)

One of the most comfortable chairs, recliners are mostly available in leather covering and a lot of filling inside. What makes them comfortable is the fact that both backrest and footrest of these chairs can be bent to turn them into lounge chairs. Also known as Lay-Z-Boy chair, these can be placed in your living room, study or even your entertainment zone.

Wing-back Chair

dreamstime_s_2716554(Dreamstime/Jill Battaglia)

A classic form of chair, these can be a perfect fit in a classic home décor. Used as a statement piece, this upholstered chair gets its name from its wing-shaped backrest moving down to the arms. This low-lying chair can block the head and comes as a single piece. It gives a picturesque look when placed near the fireplace in your living room or study. You can also place it in your bedroom if it is a spacious one.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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