9 Must-Have Accessories To Beautify Your Home

9 Must-Have Accessories To Beautify Your Home

9 Must-Have Accessories To Beautify Your Home

Every home tells a story of its own by the way it is designed and decorated. The accessories used for this purpose not only enhance the beauty of your residence but are also a reflection of your own style sensibilities. 

While the list of accessories that can help you define your home is a long one, MakaanIQ lists nine home accessories you must invest in:



Adorning your living room, a couch could make or break the complete look of the area. Depending on the size of your living room, opt for a sofa that could be a four, five or seven seater. If you still have space, and if you host a lot of guests from time to time, add some ottomans as well as a statement-piece chair which could act as a decorative when not in use.

Art decorative


An art piece can add to the beauty of walls, side tables and even the otherwise dead corners of your home. You can place them in your living room, bedroom, foyer area or even your study. However, look out for what kind of art piece works for each of these rooms. Also, keep a tab on the colour of the wall where you hang a painting or place a sculpture. Let the two contrast each other and not merge. Prefer to colour the wall where you would want to hang an art piece or place a sculpture in pastel shades. Also, pick a contemporary design if you are opting for a minimal look for your home, and a classic if you are going all luxurious.



Apart from solving its primary purpose, lighting can be decorative as well. Install a mix of utility lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting to make your house shine better. Also, for an environment-friendly home, opt for LED lighting as these conserve energy and have a longer shelf life. For your foyer and living room, you could opt for big chandeliers, depending on the size of the apartment; for bedrooms, opt for soft lighting; a bright light for study and kitchen is recommended. 

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Rugs accentuate the look of your room, adding to the glamour quotient. The market has a large variety of rugs available in different fabrics, sizes and shapes. So, you could opt for a Kashmiri rug if your decor is classic, buy something in fur if you are going luxurious and some abstract rugs if the look you are going in for is contemporary. See what fits and merges with your decor. Or if you find a rug whose beauty you don't wish to hide underneath that couch of yours, go ahead and hang it on your wall; it could act as a piece of art.

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Houseplants are both a utility and could be used for decorative purposes. While these clean up the air of your home, keeping it fresh, they also add colour to your home. While the small plants can adorn your window sills, the big ones can fill in that dead corner of your room. Also, these are a beauty when placed in the balcony or porch.

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There is nothing that china crockery cannot add beauty to. Place them neatly on your dining table, adorn them in your crockery cabinet or just use them as a piece of decorative on a side table, chinaware is going to give a luxurious touch to your decor. Keep them in your balcony while you enjoy your evening tea and suddenly the whole set-up will make you feel like a king or queen. But chinaware can be heavy on pocket; an affordable alternative is ceramic crockery that has a similar shine and is available in various colours, shapes and sizes. It could fit well if you are giving your home an earthen look.

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Tall, small or wide, vases are considered the safest piece of decoration at a home. You can never go wrong with a vase. You can pick them in different colours, opaque or transparent, and fill them with natural or artificial flowers. Vases are an interesting way of filling up an otherwise empty space in your room.



To make your home smell good at all times, light some candles across rooms. Available in different designs and fragrances, candles also add beauty to your room from their design, as well as the light they emit. But be careful that you place these candles in a safe area, not near any fabric or other flammable products.

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Not only do they reflect your beauty, but are also a source of adding beauty to your room. Placing mirrors at the most unusual spots can accentuate the look of your room, reflect the light, and make the room look brighter and more spacious. Mirrors are available in different frames like wooden, metallic or carved wall art.

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Last Updated: Fri Mar 17 2023

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