9 Décor Tips To Make Your Garden Party-Ready

9 Décor Tips To Make Your Garden Party-Ready

9 Décor Tips To Make Your Garden Party-Ready

Party animals don't need a reason or a season to let their hair down. As a host there are a number of details to get right for that perfect evening. While most focus on food being served to the guests, another crucial aspect to focus on is the décor. It is important that the decor is in tune with the mood and theme of the party and makes the guests feel comfortable. If you're hosting a party in your garden, make use of these simple yet interesting décor ideas to turn your house into a party den:


chalkboard (dreamstime)(Dreamstime)

A simple way to show your guests that you have a well-planned party is by grabbing their attention with words. Just hang a chalkboard positioning it at the entrance to welcome the guests. Write a message or welcome note as per your choice. If you wish, you can also decorate the chalkboard.

Rice lights

rice lights (flickr.com. wonderlane)(Flickr)

These tiny lights are perfect for every occasion. Surround the bark of the trees with the rice lights to beautify the décor. It is also one of the easiest ways to add the décor element and lighting to the party venue.


Banners (tournois.net)(Dreamstime)

Add some playful banners with multi-coloured flags over the tables or the sitting area. These banners are a nice way to add a chic look to the party place.

Globe banners

globe banners (dreamstime)(Dreamstime)

Like simple banners, add these globe banners with lights. Arrange them over the sitting area to add both colours and lighting.


barbeque (dreasmtime)

Food is the essence of every party. Set-up a barbeque in style at a corner to keep the home-cooked hot and fresh.

Set the table right

keep the garden theme (dreamstime)

Set up your table in style and in the right style. An interesting way to set your table in a garden theme is to use garden buckets or pots to display flower arrangements.

Seating area


Garden furniture is an obvious element for seating in your garden party. However, think differently and add a floor seating arrangement. You can keep a large wooden plank and spread a rug or place a mattress over it. Add pillows to lend comfort and create a cosy seating area.

Pagoda style

pagoda style (dreamstime)

If you are organising a big party, then choose a pagoda style arrangement. White drapes with colourful décor look mesmerising. Hang lanterns with candles to add to the party magic.

Interesting décor pieces


To get into the party mood and feel, décor plays a vital role. Hang some interesting unique pieces like these umbrellas for a classy look.

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