8 Ways To Utilise That Forgotten Corner

8 Ways To Utilise That Forgotten Corner

8 Ways To Utilise That Forgotten Corner

You decorate your home with utmost care and love, but you sometimes miss out on the corners of our home. Proper use of these corners can be a great way to add more beauty to your interiors. The only question that comes to mind is, “how?”.

So, if you are looking for great corner furniture ideas, MakaanIQ brings a list that could help you make a choice:

Dress it well!


Use one of the empty corner of your bedroom to set up a vanity or a dressing table. A mirror in the corner would, along with letting you dress for the party, also make your room look bigger, as it would reflect the whole room from one corner.

Deck it up!


A cabinet or corner shelves could be a way to store products or to place decoratives. These shelves, when installed in a bathroom, can act as a vanity. When installed in a room, they act as a bookshelf or an area dedicated to family photos.



The corners in your modular kitchen could have a pull-out cabinet for the small essentials. This would help keep them in one place and easy to access, too.

Time to study


A study table especially designed for that left out nook of the room would enhance the look without taking up extra space. A study table for the curvature of the room -- your living or bedroom -- could be your corner for a quiet read or just to pen a few thoughts.

For the exquisite


Want to show off your new crockery and have no space left?  The best option is a corner cabinet to stylishly flaunt your new chinaware.

Cosy up!


Create your own cosy corner for the much needed 'me time'. Place a corner couch, coupled with a tripod lamp to add a contemporary look.

Count your blessings

corner prayer unit(Pepperfry)

A corner wall prayer unit can be a good addition to the décor without taking much of the floor space.

Be entertained


A corner console is the answer to the nagging question of where to place a TV. If you are unable to find an appropriate wall for your Television set, a corner TV console made just for that cosy corner is your answer to the problem.

Last Updated: Tue Jul 18 2017

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