7 Ways To Use White At Home

7 Ways To Use White At Home

7 Ways To Use White At Home

Selecting the right colour scheme when decorating your home is important to create an inspiring look and feel. Dark hues tend to make the room look smaller while bright colours tend to accentuate the room's spaciousness. But then there is a colour that just adds beauty to the home in all its purity. The colour, when used in decor, reflects purity, cleanliness and sophistication. Moreover, the colour makes a home feel cool, a perfect fit for your summer home revamp project.

MakaaniQ brings you some all-white colour ideas for your home which would help create a classy ambience. The only requirement when applying white is timely maintenance.

Perfect backdrop for an artwork


Make an all-white wall with a classic artwork or a sculptural piece. Create a coordinating combo of white sofas, white upholstery, curtains and dark-coloured cushions for the living room.

Accentuate the furniture & furnishing


Use white as a foundation that would accentuate the effect of other hues used in the furniture as well as the upholstery. Opt for a backdrop with a cream shade in the bedroom. Compliment it with attractive bedding in varied patterns.  

Shades of white

white doorway-690338_960_720(Pixabay)

Ensure that the continuity of the colours from one room to another is maintained. Harmonise the house by opting various shades of white including ivory, cream and snow.

Go all white in the dinning


The dining room can have white-coloured built-in cabinets, and a dinning that has an antique finish. To add to the look, install white marble flooring.  

White kitchen


Clean and classic white kitchen with neutral laminate flooring is perfect for any home. White stainless steel appliances, crisp white cabinetry, brass lighting fixtures and kitchen counters with white lacquer finish could create a timeless appeal.

Classic white bathroom


An all-white bathroom would appear classy with a frame-less mirror and white tiles. You could install brass bath faucets, shower and even door and cabinet handles.

Go all-out


For the outdoors, the patio area can be installed with white-washed stone-like raw flooring, furniture and slip-covered cushions. Compliment this look with bright-coloured planters.

Last Updated: Fri Aug 11 2017

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