7 Ways To Save Money When Remodelling Your Home

7 Ways To Save Money When Remodelling Your Home

7 Ways To Save Money When Remodelling Your Home

After a few years, every home calls for remodeling. This process allows homeowners to upgrade their home with latest-in-the-market building material and technology, thus, making it up to date. Moreover, in case the homeowner plans to sell the property, the remodeling can help fetch a better price.

While many homeowners shy away or postpone their remodeling plans because their current finances don't allow them to, it is believed that remodeling, if done in a tasteful manner, doesn't require you to spend through your nose. MakaaniQ lists seven ways in which you could save money when remodeling:

  • Make one big change that really adds beauty and grandeur to your property. For instance, if you have a false ceiling in your living area, it is time that you open up that space and make the room look much more spacious.
  • Do not make major changes to the piping and drainage system. Moving these systems can be heavy on your pocket. Rather upgrade to better quality pipes that have a longer life and ensure no clogging.
  • When remodelling, invest in energy-efficient features such as solar panels, LED lighting, star-rated appliances. These investments can help save a significant amount of money in the future.
  • If your budget allows customise your modular kitchen. In case you are low on budget, opt for pre-designed kitchens available across home improvement stores. While the design would remain the same, the kitchen will be sized based on your needs.
  • Spacious bathrooms and kitchen may be a trend, but don't fall for it. Rather create compact spaces that would mean lesser construction material and lesser maintenance.
  • Opt for a phased remodelling plan. Begin with one area and then move to the other based on how you are placed financially. This will help you budget yourself wisely and you will be prepared for the next phase even before it arrives.
  • Planning to use glass separators in areas like bathroom, kitchen or even living room? You could pick less expensive options. While the living room, due to the aesthetics would need the glass separator, in the kitchen and bathroom, you could replace it with shower curtains. Available in varied colours and patterns, you could save some moolah.

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Last Updated: Fri Nov 17 2023

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