7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

7 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Summer

Summer has set in and the temperatures are sweltering, draining us already and forcing us to stay indoors. So, what is it you could do to make your home summer ready and let you enjoy the best of the season without feeling the heat?

Prep up the air conditioners

This is one of the first steps you need to take. Prep up your air conditioners to keep your home cool. Call in for the servicing of the air conditioners. In case your air conditioners are old, replace them with the latest energy saving options. When using the air conditioner, be careful of the environment, too. Curtail the use of air conditioners by using some other methods like insulation around your home using awnings and shades wherever possible, keep your home well-ventilated to ensure that there is no furnace-like situation in closed areas. In a closed area, the temperature tends to rise beyond the temperature outdoors.

Use the roof well

Try to turn green this summer. How? Use the best of the weather and install solar panels on your roof. These can be beneficial for you in two ways -- producing energy of your own and also, insulating your roof. So, while you are generating energy using a renewable source, thus, saving electricity (a crisis of which we face every year) you are also keeping your home cool by a well-covered roof.

Not up for solar? You could still insulate your roof and thus, bring down the temperature indoor. Cover it with a white sheet of plastic or better paint it white.

Pest control drive

Summers are sticky and humid, making it a perfect season for pests to breed. With the change in season, get pest control done at your home, especially the most sneaky corners of your home that are prone to accumulating moisture.

Cool it with décor

Give your interiors a cooler makeover. Begin with replacing the heavy upholstery with bright and light ones. Remove your velvet curtains and replace with organza and voile; use cotton bright cushion covers that are cool and make the environment look cool; replace the heavy rugs with dhurries; and do not forget to flip your mattresses and use cotton sheets for a bedroom that is cool.

A new window treatment

It is time to open up those windows and the let the air circulate. Give your windows treatments that let you open and close them easily as and when needed. Also, do not cover your windows so that the light is still seeping in when the windows are closed. The sunlight will brighten up your home and keep the gloom away. For window treatment ideas, click here.

Time to garden

Summer is a perfect season for the bright flowers to bloom. Indulge in some gardening and opt for summer plants. This way you could pick up a new hobby and also, use plants as natural air purifiers.

Don't forget the essentials

Prepping up the larger things, do not forget the smaller yet essential details. Update your first aid kit and add things like electrolyte and other medicines that can come handy in case of a heat stroke. Also, update your vanity with sunscreen, aloe vera gel among others.

For the kitchen, fill it up with energy drinks, fresh fruits and plenty of cold water bottles.

Last Updated: Sat Aug 12 2017

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