7 Ways To Make Your Small Room Feel Spacious

7 Ways To Make Your Small Room Feel Spacious

7 Ways To Make Your Small Room Feel Spacious
A small room can appear big with intelligent and smart interior designing ideas. Photos: Dreamstime

No matter how big your home is; there are instances where walls in some part of the house gets closed making it compact living space. There could be different reasons for your room to appear smaller – may be you have placed a large sized sofa, the walls have brighter hues, or you have dotted the area with too much furniture. A little remodeling and few changes can take off your concerns and create more living space. MakaaniQ shares the trick with you.

Same tone interior

same color

To make a room look bigger and spacious, use a same colour tone all over the place. A furniture piece in the same colour as walls is worth having. You can also keep a large piece of furniture like an armchair matching with the color palette. Natural and light hues are always recommended to keep the room feel open and bigger.

Improve traffic flow

traffic flow
It is important to check the traffic flow in the room. How you or your guests move through the space can influence the way your room appears to be? The room should have a smooth flow and enough area to easily pass by. Make sure that no furniture should interrupt your movement in the room and you do not stumble upon any item which falls on the way.

Utilize every corner

For small spaces, it is better you use every bit of the room. Do not neglect the corner and make adequate use of the same. For instance, corner space under the staircase can be used in different ways and for several purposes. If space allows, you can make a seating or a compact desk or shelf under the staircase.

Use multifunctional furniture

To make the space bigger and more functional, it is important to declutter the room with unnecessary furniture. Add multipurpose furniture for an impeccable look. You can use multipurpose coffee tables and ottomans which can perform different functions efficiently.

Build-in furniture

build in furniture (wikipedia.org)
Get customised furniture to fit well in your room. You can add a couch or a settee at a corner space which is left idle. You can always add furniture pieces which are functional as per your personal use and requirement.

Remove heavy window treatments

If there are windows in the room that do not require any covering for privacy, then it's better remove the coverings to give an architectural feel to the room. Because of the inflow of more natural light, your room will feel bigger. If you could not remove window treatments altogether, then opt for thin curtains or use drapes that can be easily tied when required.

Use rugs

If you have a room that is designed and divided for several usages, then use different rugs for different sections to make the room appear large.

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