7 Ways To Make Your Home Safe & Comfortable For Elderly

7 Ways To Make Your Home Safe & Comfortable For Elderly

7 Ways To Make Your Home Safe & Comfortable For Elderly

Old age dawns upon everyone. Day-to-day tasks that were easy to do become tedious and cumbersome. At this stage, you, as their kids, could take over to pay special attention to the needs of people who raised you. One of the most important thing that you could do is to alter your home in such a way that it becomes senior friendly.

When making the alterations, two primary areas that you should look at are their safety and comfort. To begin with, do a risk analysis of your home, identify accident-prone areas and work on them. The next step is to identify areas which can offer them comfort and less tiring for your old pals.

MakaanIQ lists seven ways in which you could make your home senior friendly.


  • Stairway: Stairway can be one of the dangerous areas especially for senior citizens. Ensure that the staircase has safely installed railings for them to hold. Alter the step height if need be to make it comfortable for them. For making alterations, you can call for professional help and level them to a comfortable height.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms present a high risk of slipping. Install anti-skid tiles and water taps  that are easy to operate. It is also advisable to have ample lighting in the bathroom. Eliminate all the steps in the bathroom, instead level it, and use non-slip mats.
  • Safe flooring: Instead of marble flooring opt for something, which is anti-skip. For instance, install wooden or chip tiles. Use these floorings for backyard and porch, too. Have an elevated entrance if the elderly at home use a wheel-chair.
  • Lighting: Elderly require around two to three times more lighting than an average person for a clearer vision. Install ample lighting throughout the house.


  • Doorknobs and handles: Replace doorknobs with lever-style handles. People with arthritis and other nervous ailments have trouble turning knobs, lever-style handles are more comfortable for them.
  • A landing place: Assign a cupboard or a tray to place all your elderly's items including keys, phones, and even medicines. This way they won't forget anything before leaving the house.
  • Stair elevators: If you have a multiple-storey house, installing stair elevators is a smart option. These allow the elderly on wheel-chair to climb floors.
Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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