7 Key Elements Of An Elderly-Friendly Bedroom

7 Key Elements Of An Elderly-Friendly Bedroom

7 Key Elements Of An Elderly-Friendly Bedroom

Thanks to easy availability of finance, most buyers are able to buy a home while they are young now days. However, as time would have it and this young person would age. With age, this person would require its house to serve it differently than it did in his youth—as we age, we are not able to move along as easily as we do when we are young. That brings us to the question, what features should a bedroom must have to quality as elderly friendly?

Tall bed


As they age, the joints in human body become weak, and that makes moving downwards hard. A bed that is higher than a normal one – the height of a regular bed is between two and three foot –will ensure an elderly person do not have to bend too much to get on and off the bed. Experts suggest that 25-36 inches is the ideal height for a bed for the elderly.

Slip-resistant floor


Slippery floor are not good for anyone, but they could be especially troublesome for the elderly. This is because ones motor skills become weak as they age and this makes them susceptible to slipping. In a house that has to host people with advanced age, slip-resistant floor must be installed to ensure ease of movement. One could pick from cork, rubber, linoleum and hardwood flooring to achieve that goal.

Automated electricals


It does not seem much of a trouble to get up and walk a little to switch on/off the lights, the fans and the air-conditioner when one feels fine. We will not feel the same way if they are sick. Similarly, a person in his advanced years would not have the energy and the will to move again and time to do the job. To save them the trouble, automated lighting system could be installed in the house. This would enable them to get the job done. In fact, advanced technologies allow us to run all electrical appliances using a mobile phone.

Appropriate lighting


At any age, we need proper lighting in the house in order to make sure our eyes are not unduly strained to have a clear view. For an elderly person who might already be struggling with eye-sight related issues, having a proper lighting system in place becomes even more important.

Apart from that, small focus lights should be installed in their bedrooms so that they are able to find their things easily with their help. Also, make sure you create a good mix of white and yellow light.

Minimal decor


To ensure easier movements, rooms that the elderly occupied must have only the necessary articles of furniture. Too many decorative elements would simply hinder their movement apart from making the area cluttered. This would help create an easy path of movement for the elderly bringing down the chances of bumping into or tripping over something.

Comfortable handles


Lever-style handles instead of door knobs must be installed as these are easy to use for those with arthritis or other nervous ailments. For drawers and cupboards, large handles would be ideal. The fitting should also be light in weight.

Cool colours


Colours can change the way you feel. While vibrant hues could be ideal for children and young couples, soothing and cool shades would be more suitable for the elderly.

This is why we recommend use of pastel colours such as off-white, mint green, brown etc., in their rooms.

Last Updated: Wed Jun 12 2019

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