7 Ways To Make Your Home Healthy for You

7 Ways To Make Your Home Healthy for You

7 Ways To Make Your Home Healthy for You

Our home signifies what we are. How we keep our home affects our mood, personality and influences our overall outlook. Thus, a healthy home is the key to a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

MakaaniQ shares ways in which you can enhance the feel-good factor and promote healthy living in your home:

Create an indoor-outdoor flow

ooutdoor indoor(Dreamstime)

Sliding doors, French doors or glass walls that open to the yard can transform the energy in your home. Adding this feature to one of your rooms can let the nature in. Another way to bring nature inside your home and forming an indoor-outdoor connection is by adding a skylight or a breezeway. If you have a porch or an open passage, create a sitting area to enhance the connection with the outdoors. 

Create a comfortable eating space

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Taking out dinner time with family could be the best thing you get to do after a tiring day at work. Create a comfortable place in your home for family meals. Make sure the place should be peaceful enough where you can relish your meal and spend quality time with your loved ones. The healthy eating habits will always bring a positive change in your life.

Grow a herb garden

herbs garden(Dreamstime)

Herbs are natural ingredients that are beneficial for your health. Why not grow them in your own home? Herbs from your own garden will mean a clean ingredient promoting healthy food.

Use stairs

Having stairs in your home can be a built-in exercise regime. Using and climbing stairs will be beneficial and a healthy practice for your entire family.

Create a small gym


If you have space and budget, add a mini gym in your home. Even if you have a gym membership, having some handy and easy to maintain gym equipment will be beneficial for you. It is always better to have an option to workout at home if you don't feel like going to the gym. Here is how you can . 

Have a breathing space


If you have a yard or a small balcony, make use of this space for extra benefits. Create a sitting space by keeping lounge chairs where you can relax and enjoy morning fresh air. Adding planters will only add more positive energy and freshness in the home.

Indulge in household chores

household chore(Dreamstime)

Though we all have domestic help to do our home chores, but, for a healthy lifestyle consider getting involved in chores yourself, too. This will help you keep active. 

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Last Updated: Thu Dec 01 2016

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