7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

7 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Clutter-Free

Bedroom is the most personal space for most of us. In fact, we spend most of our time at home in this room. Thus, the chances of it being cluttered and messy are higher. To ensure that your room is clutter-free and organised, you could create more storage space in the room.

MakaanIQ, as a part of the four-part series which talks about better space management in different areas of your home, brings to you different storage ideas for your bedroom.

Use the bed

Be it a king-size or a queen-size bed, it occupies maximum room space. Make the best possible use of this piece of furniture for storage. Buy bed with boxes so that you could store different things, which are of not regular use, in this, including blankets, clothes, luggage bags, backpacks or gear bags. Else, you can install a sliding drawer or box, to your existing bed, which can roll in and out to keep your daily things, including clothes, shoes, among others.


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Customise the closet

Make the maximum use of your closet and customise it to create more room. When customising your closet, segregate your regular things from rarely used things. For instance, divide the space and install rods depending on the length of clothes when hanging. Hanging two sets of rods, one high and another few inches above the base will help you store maximum of your clothes.

Wardrobe 1(PropGuide)


Utilise the bedside table

Do not limit the bedside table to place your night lamp and clock. Buy table sides that have drawers. These can be used as storage for your books, magazines, kindle, creams, and medicines. You can, also, keep your jewellery, accessories or other toiletries.

Side table(Dreamstime)


Maximise the wall space

Use walls to add storage options to your bedroom. Install panels, drawers or shelves on the wall to keep your things. These can also be used to place decorative.

wall spaces(Dreamstime)

Keep things in side racks

Create a sitting space in the corner of your bedroom using storage cabinets that can be doubled as benches or stools.  

SIde Racks (ThriftyandChic.com) - Copy(Pinterest/ThriftyandChic.com)

Use unexpected places

Use a space which may go unnoticed or unutilised otherwise. For instance, the back of the bedroom door can be used to hang things or if you have small room place a mirror on the door and voila, you have your own dressing mirror in the room.

Door (pinterest.Better Homes and Gardens)(Pinterest/Better Homes and Gardens)


Try some DIY projects

If you are creative, use some do-it-yourself (DIY) hacks to create more storage space in your bedroom. These DIY projects can help you store small things which otherwise clutter the room like accessories or makeup. Moreover, these quirky projects will also add an element of colour and style to your room.


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Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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