7 Ways to Display Family Pics In Style

7 Ways to Display Family Pics In Style

7 Ways to Display Family Pics In Style

Showing off love for your favourite people onto your wall or any corner of the house is a traditional yet timeless home décor idea. A cherished treasure, these photographs remind you of the good times spent with your loved ones. MakaanIQ comes up with seven ideas to help you capture your family's heart in style!

  1. Backdrop theme is ageless: It's an innovative way to display pictures of your loved ones. Choose any shelf in your house, black and white photos are ideal for this, and paste the photograph over and beneath the shelf. You will be amazed to see the wonders these photos will do to up the emotional quotient of your home.
  2. Cherish your child's progress as she grows up: Select any bright spot in the house, place the photo and hang the age. You would love to see your bundle of joy growing up so fast. 
  3. Take everyone on board with mood board: It is one of the latest trends to showcase your family photos. You need not highlight your daily chores, treasured moments from your family album or good time spent with an old buddy will lend the right mix of emotions.
  4.  Turn your wall turn into a Polaroid theme: Capture every small moment and show it up in style, don't bother about the photo size, trust me it will look amazing.
  5. Grey scale: It is an evergreen theme which is classy, and gives that elegant look to your house.
  6.  Corner, the best place for your photos: Here, size does not matter. All you have to do is to put up the pictures horizontally and vertically and your wall will ooze much-needed oomph.
  7. Eye-catching art or pop art: A trendsetter, it's unique and will make your guests green with envy.


Last Updated: Fri May 27 2016

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