7 Ways to Decorate Your Shelves

7 Ways to Decorate Your Shelves

7 Ways to Decorate Your Shelves

Shelves are an integral part of your living room. Not just for storage, they are essential to put your favourite decorative and books on display right on the eye level.

To make these shelves more attractive and not just mere storage space, there are different ways in which you can design and decorate these. Here are some ideas how you can use and decorate the shelves by making them a part of interior design:

Mix up the books' placement

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Try and mix the book arrangement in vertical and horizontal format. You can do this within a single shelf or mix different shelves by arranging one shelf in horizontal format and the following in vertical style.

Display your collection

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If you have collected different souvenirs over the years including shells, teacups, pots, showpieces etc, then your collection deserve to get a pride place in your home. Give a personal space to your proud possessions by placing them on the shelves. The two complement each other and create an impression.

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Arrange your books by colour

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If you have a huge collection of books, then use them together in an interesting way. Divide your books and arrange them in different colours. This way it will also be easier to locate a particular book.

Group it on same lines

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Put things in a group which are same in colour, size, shape or texture. For example, white pottery put together on a dark-coloured wooden shelf looks beautiful. This kind of grouping gives a curated feel to your decorative treasures.

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Use big and bold


Choose big and bold accessories that stand out. Tall vases with flowers, substantial pottery or coffee table books can be a good option to bring out the uniqueness of your living area. For smaller things, you can keep them in a large container and fill a jar with smaller items, for example, you can take a large jar and fill it with seashells or coloured marbles.

Change the height

change the heights(Dreamstime)

If you do not have the fix shelves you are in for a treat. Change, replace and move them from time to time to give your room a new look and feel every time. Vary the shelf height and not keep them line up. This way, you will be able to keep different pieces in different formats and also do away with the boring and usual straight look.

Keep it simple


Layering of accessories may work good for traditional or eclectic styles, but a streamlined and simple approach is perfect for modern and contemporary spaces. However, do not neglect the style your home décor follows. Go with the flow and match the style that adorns your entire home consistently.

Last Updated: Thu Jan 12 2017

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