7 Ways To Create The Illusion Of High Ceiling

7 Ways To Create The Illusion Of High Ceiling

7 Ways To Create The Illusion Of High Ceiling

An issue commonly faced in highrises and builder floors are the not-so-high ceilings. Known to add a sense of luxury and space to a home, for some this is one of the prerequisites. In case, you live in one such home that doesn't offer high ceiling, here are some ways in which you can create an illusion of more.

Kitchen cabinets

kitchen cabinet(Dreamstime)

Install kitchen cabinets way up to the ceiling to make your ceiling appear higher. Though accessing these cabinets could be difficult, hence, use them for storing things that you may not require frequently.



Bookshelves are not only useful as a storage solution, but tall and ceiling touching bookshelves are also ideal for an illusion of height of your ceilings.



Another effective way to make the ceiling look taller and open. The taller doors and passageway will make the ceiling look high. Or add transoms over the doors to add height.



Hanging curtains directly from the ceiling is another interesting way to add height to the ceiling. A ripple-fold style curtain will add an even stronger illusion of height.



Mirrors are a great element to create a false appearance. Use full-height mirror at places and rooms where you want to create an illusion of height.



Painting the walls and the ceilings in the same colour is a perfect way to create the illusion. For an ideal look, opt for white or light shades.



By keeping low furniture, you can create an illusion of higher ceiling. However, it is important to keep the furniture of the right scale for rooms with a lower ceiling.  

Last Updated: Wed Oct 26 2016

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