7 Ways To Add Personal Touch To The Bathroom Of Your Rented Apartment

7 Ways To Add Personal Touch To The Bathroom Of Your Rented Apartment

7 Ways To Add Personal Touch To The Bathroom Of Your Rented Apartment

Rented apartments are not the dream homes we want to live in. And, bathrooms are one of the areas in a rented apartment that are the biggest put-offs. Unfortunately, in a rented accommodation we cannot make physical changes and give it a makeover.

Fret not! There are certain changes that you could make to this bathroom and make it attractive. MakaaniQ lists seven ways in which you can give a personal touch to the bathroom of your rented accommodation:

Paste them up

stickers (wandtattoos.hoferfotos.at)(wandtattoos.hoferfotos.at)

One of the simplest and easiest ways to bring newness to your bathroom is by pasting or sticking some cheerful and colourful stickers. You can choose from plenty of options available in the market and give the boring plain tiles of your bathroom a new feel. These stickers can be easily peeled off when you move out of that home.

Bring some greens


To give life to your bathroom simply invite some greens. Indoor plants kept in bathrooms give a fresh feel to the area. Plants flourish in the moisture-rich atmosphere; hence, the bathroom can be one of the best areas in the home to keep some houseplants.

Hang them

painting (Dreamstime)

Hanging paintings in the bathroom is an unusual and an interesting way to add a personal touch. However, make sure that you hang the paintings at a location where the moisture or dampness of the bathroom does not ruin them.

Keep a large mirror


A mirror is an essential part of a bathroom. Instead of damaging the walls with hooks, keep a large-size mirror on the surface. The large-size mirror will hide the faults in the wall and also make your bathroom look bigger. 

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Use unique pieces

ladder (pinterest.com)(pinterest.com)

Give life to the boring bathroom by adding interesting and unique things. One such item is keeping an old wooden ladder which can be used to hang towels. The ladder can be easily moved within the space and can work as a valuable piece of storage.

Add bright accessories


If you cannot repaint the bathroom, then add a splash of colours by using bright bathroom accessories. These include bright coloured towels, rug and shower curtains.

Keep it clean



A bathroom in a rented home can never appear modernised if it is messy. Always keep your bathroom clean and tidy and make sure to keep clean toiletries and bottles. Do not forget to keep air fresheners to make it smell fresh every time. 

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7 Ways to Add Colours to Your Bathroom

Last Updated: Thu Feb 16 2017

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