Want A Foyer? These 7 Design Tips Will Create The Perfect Illusion Of An Entryway

Want A Foyer? These 7 Design Tips Will Create The Perfect Illusion Of An Entryway

Want A Foyer? These 7 Design Tips Will Create The Perfect Illusion Of An Entryway

Small spaces mean small-sized homes, which make things like a foyer or an entryway a luxury. With doors opening inside living rooms, the house seems incomplete. Especially when guests literally land up inside your home without having a proper gallery. However, MakaanIQ has got your back! Here are some easy to follow design tips which will help you create the perfect illusion of an entryway, without spending big on one!



Adding a small bench or a sofa is a great way to create the entryway illusion. It not only creates a convenient spot to remove your footwear- and hence keep the house clean- but also adds extra seating space. You can have a storage bench, or a bench with a shelf which will help you keep your entrance area organised. 

Piece of furniture

piece of furniture(Dreamstime)

Add a small piece of furniture like a small table to enhance the space. You can keep a statue, a flower vase or an idol on it to enhance the ambiance of the room. This small piece of furniture will add the feel of a designated spot and space.



Having a rug or a floor mat that fits the size of the entry space will give an illusion that you have a gallery. Moreover, the entryway experiences more foot falls and a rug is a good idea to trap dust and mud. You can opt for a durable rug that can easily be cleaned and vacuumed.

Half wall

half wall(Dreamstime)

If your entrance opens into the living room, then the best way to create a division and a separate entry is by building a half wall in between. Make sure that you add proper lighting over the entrance when you have added the half wall. You can also decorate the wall by hanging a painting or making it a gallery wall.

Statement piece

statement piece(Dreamstime)

If the entrance is smaller than the usual one, keep a statement piece close to the door to create the illusion of an entryway. This will highlight your space and make it a special décor in itself. If you are planning to give your door a makeover, try these tips.



Mirrors are the best source to create an illusion of space in your home. Adding a mirror has several advantages. It will help reflect more light into the area thus making the home appear big. It is also good to help you have those last-minute checks when you are walking out of home.

Interesting storage

creative storage (pinterest.bakersjar.com) (pinterest.bakersjar.com)

Create some interesting DIY storage spaces near the entrance. Hang hooks and keep a small table to keep your shoes. The small storage is not only helpful in arranging your things but is also a plus to add an illusion of an entryway.

Now that you have successfully created an illusion of an entryway, here is how you could decorate it further.

Last Updated: Fri Nov 11 2016

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