7 Ways to Add Colours to Your Bathroom

7 Ways to Add Colours to Your Bathroom

7 Ways to Add Colours to Your Bathroom

Gone are the days when kitchens and bathrooms figured last in a home owner's décor scheme. These days a lot of thinking is put into designing these spaces. Keeping that in mind, MakaanIQ lists some of the ways in which you can go bold while designing your bathroom.

Let colours speak



The easiest way to jazz up your bathroom is to select bright colours in painting it. It is also the most affordable way to give your old and dull bathroom a new look. It is advised to paint the area first and then work on the rest of the colour scheme.

Tiles away


Another simple way to brighten your bathroom is by installing colourful tiles, which will accentuate its beauty. You can choose from a variety of options available in the market.

Wall's up

accent wall


If you do not want to paint the entire bathroom, pick only one wall and paint it bright to make your bathroom go bright. Remember to choose the accent wall which will be the focal point for your bathroom. For instance, you can opt for the wall facing the door.

The vanity fair

vanity (2)



Play with colours in your vanity pop. This could be done in either of the two ways. You can add colour only to the top or the base and keep other surfaces in neutral shades. The other way is to have a bright coloured vanity cabinet with a simple countertop. You can choose a coloured marble or granite for the countertop.

Ware it up

sanitary ware


Of the many shades and designs available in the market, opt for a coloured sanitary ware to give your simple bathroom a colourful feel.

Don't throw in the towel just yet



Using colourful towels and rugs in the bathrooms could be a great and an inexpensive choice to add colours. You keep the walls and floor in lighter shades and can hang colourful towels to break the monotony of neutral shades.

Deck it up



You may have done everything but might still not be satisfied. What else can you do to add to the beauty of your bathroom? By keeping candles, baskets, plants and a wall art in your bathroom, you could make your bathing experiences more nerve soothing than it usually is.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 15 2016

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