7 Ways To Dress Up The Walls Of Your Home

7 Ways To Dress Up The Walls Of Your Home

7 Ways To Dress Up The Walls Of Your Home

Walls are the building blocks that give shape to your home. A well-decorated wall is sure to inspire and brightens up your home instantly. However, ensuring that the style blends perfectly with the overall home décor and furnishings is important. There are countless ways you could adopt to give the walls a facelift, from jazzy wallpapers to trendy wall murals, classy photo frames to elegant storage organisers. But before you start, decide the focal point of the room--the sofa, bed, or dining table--upon which your wall décor theme shall be based.

MakaanIQ helps you with some finest wall décor options:

Framed pictures


Capturing and displaying the best moments of your life is an easy yet classic way to decorate a wall. Hang frame with family photos, your certificates, accomplishments, or artwork. The picture gallery will brighten up the wall behind the sofa or any other seating areas of your living room.



Make a style statement by papering your walls. Wallpapers, available in varied colours and patterns, work wonders to the overall look and feel of a room. Wallpapers are easy to apply and easy to remove, too. You could also opt for 3D wallpapers to grab more eyeballs.

Wall decals


Chic wall murals or wall decals could be used to adorn a wall. Murals are piece of artwork which are either painted or directly applied on the wall surface.
Hang plates or baskets
Colourful woven baskets or plates in vibrant colours make for a stylish wall decoration arrangement. Enrapture everyone with varying hues, sizes and textures.



Placing a large mirror on the wall will exude striking look, particularly to a dining room. Mirrors not only brighten up the room instantly but also make it look spacious.

Wall shelf


Decorative wall mounted shelves enhance the beauty of a wall and also, act as storage elements. They can be used for items such as trinkets, photographs, showpieces and other decorative. Wall shelving systems available in the market include modular shelves, floating shelves, cubbies, spine wall rack and ladder shelf.

Wall Lighting


Innovative wall lighting fixtures, for both interior and exterior walls, act as a décor element apart from brightening up the space. There are ample options available in the market from entailing under cabinet lights, swing arm wall lamps, wall sconces, etc.

Last Updated: Tue May 24 2016

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