7 Wall Decorating Ideas For Renters

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You may have ample ideas to decorate your home, but you cannot use and apply them when living in a rented accommodation. You may dislike the plain and simple walls of the home but could not decorate them much due to certain restrictions. Still, there are several ways in which you can decorate those boring walls.

Removable wallpaper


Wallpapers can change the look of your plain wall. Now, removable wallpapers are available in the market which are easy to paste and remove. Choose from a plenty of designs and patterns that matches your décor.




A simple way to give your wall a stylish look is by hanging a curtain. You can play with a contrast in colour by hanging a light-coloured curtain on a dark wall and vice-versa. A curtain behind the bed is also an interesting idea to give the wall a new look.




Representing a bohemian style, tapestries are ideal for renters. From intricate designs to geometrical patterns and from abstract prints to contemporary styles, tapestries are available in a plethora of designs. Hang a tapestry of the size and design of your choice on one of the walls of your room.

Wall decal

Wall Decal (wikipedia.org) (1)


The walls can look beautiful with wall decals. If you cannot go for permanent designs, buy wall decal stickers and create an interesting pattern. And, there is an endless number of wall design patters you can choose from. These stickers can be easily removed when you want.




Simply hang a looking glass with an attractive frame on the wall. A conventional mirror frame will give the room a different look.  

Shelved gallery wall

Gallery Wall (Pinterest.Indeed Decor)


You cannot drill multiple holes in the wall to showcase your favourite family picture. There is a way out. Buy a floating shelf and showcase your favourite pictures here. Use shelves with smaller hooks.

House plants 

House plants


Dress up your wall with the greens. You can either use a hanging pot from a ceiling hook or place a pot in front of the wall. You can also keep plants in floating or open shelves. 

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