7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table

7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table

7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table
Coffee table is an essential piece of furniture for your living room. (Pixabay)

Imagine a not-so-thoroughly-picked coffee table spoiling the perfect symmetry you succeeded in creating by employing great craft, energy and resources! This not-so-perfect piece of furniture won't do, will it? With the market swamped with designs, choosing the perfect coffee table could be a mind-boggling exercise. Let us see how to pick the perfect one.



The first thing is to consider the space between the sofa and coffee table. The coffee table should be placed at an ideal distance from the sofa so that it can be easily reached for keeping the hot beverage and far enough so that you can stretch your legs. Also keep in mind the distance from other seating arrangements, if any.



The size of the coffee table depends on two factors – size of the room and the sitting arrangement. The height of the table is important as it should be no lower than 1 or 2 inches from the height of your sofa. Pick a coffee table which will be of the right height and size that your guests can reach easily to keep their glasses and plates.



Just like the size, the shape of the coffee table is also important. If you have a large size or L-shaped sofa, a rectangular shape coffee table will be perfect, else, if your sitting arrangement is a little compact then a square-shaped coffee table is apt. If your children are infants or toddlers, a round coffee table would be a safer option as its sharp corners or edges will not harm them.



Strike your style with this piece of furniture by striking a balance between your sofa and coffee table. You can choose from different styles – modern, formal, informal or vintage. Make sure that the coffee table you choose matches your furniture and décor. A sleek metal table with a glass top is a contemporary style while a complete wooden table with a storage gives your interior a modern look.



Coffee tables are available in a variety of materials to choose from. Choosing the material is completely an individual choice or the one which matches the décor. Glass top over steel or brass gives a contemporary or sophisticated look, while a designer wooden table is modern and classy.



The purpose and use of the coffee table is a prime factor that can affect your choice. Consider the main motive of the table. Will it be used only for keeping a decorative piece or you need some storage space in that too? For storage, pick the one with drawers or shelves, otherwise, a designer or simple piece of coffee table can serve the purpose.



If there is more room for another coffee table around your sitting area, then try and assemble multiple coffee tables. For an unusual look, you can pick similar design coffee tables in different sizes and keep them in the centre of the living room.

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Last Updated: Fri Feb 08 2019

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