7 Tips For Creating A Perfect Reading Room

7 Tips For Creating A Perfect Reading Room

7 Tips For Creating A Perfect Reading Room

A reading room in your home is a necessity if you are a bookworm. So, if you have moved in to a new home and planning to create a cosy and relaxed reading room, MakaanIQ lists seven ideas that would help you create a perfect reading room that ensures privacy and comfort:
No matter if you are a voracious reader or not, a special corner for spending some time alone is a must. After a hectic day, a bookworm would need privacy to pick up their favourite book and read. This relaxes their mind, body and soul. And all of this can only be provided by a separate reading room. Make sure that this room is at the corner of your home where there is minimal noise.

Comfort & space
To get the most of your literary escape, you need plenty of plush seating options, ensuring a cosy and comfortable environment. Placing oversized cushions and bean bags in your reading room may offer a comfort seating. For that extra warmth add a soft comforter or woven-throw. Also, for those who would use this room as their workstation, too, add a table and two chairs.

Storage areas
While designing a reading room, storage is important. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf coupled with cabinets that could store your work files, accessories like your reading glasses, bookmarks, music cds, and even a blanket for those cold days.

There are a lot of people who love to listen to music while they read. Music, which is considered to have healing qualities, can make your reading experience more refreshing.
Lighting & windows
Windows are a good source of natural light and air. So, have some windows in your room. This could add the dash of refreshment to your reading experience and make the stories more worthwhile. On the other hand, reading also requires right lighting. So, install task lights and other ambient lights to avoid strain on eyes when reading. 

Tranquil colours
Reading room is a comforting space. To ensure that the right ambience is created, pick non-distracting colours for your reading room. Pastel shades and soft hues bring tranquillity in the room. Such light colours are known to have a deep effect on stress levels, improving ability to concentrate and reducing tiredness.

It is important not to load your reading room with unnecessary objects. Decorative items, pictures and stickers may look good, but they can clutter the room, too. To create an interesting look, one can mix casual décor with formal furnishings, or vice versa.

Or, if you have a creative streak to you, go ahead and decorate the room with your favourite works. Go ahead, paint that wall in a way you would want to, design a lampshade for your lamp, create some candle holders, among others. 

Last Updated: Thu Mar 02 2017

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