7 Reasons Why Community Living Will Live Up To Your Expectations

7 Reasons Why Community Living Will Live Up To Your Expectations

7 Reasons Why Community Living Will Live Up To Your Expectations

Living in a city need not be an inherently unsocial experience. You might have a busy and racy lifestyle in a metropolis, with little time to socialise, but we are all social beings hardwired in a way that we can't live in isolation. Community acceptance and community sharing are crucial aspects of our existence, irrespective of the place we reside in. Nearly every housing project being developed these days is a gated community of beautiful apartments with shared amenities.

MakaanIQ lists seven key benefits of community living which every home buyer should know.

Secured living


Modern-day housing societies have a gated set-up comprising efficient safety systems like the CCTV surveillance system, intercom facility and boom barriers, among other things. In addition, the provision of manual security by guards stationed at the gates provides enhanced protection from unwanted visitors.

Easy on pocket


Community living is easy on pocket when compared with living in an independent house. As many of the resources are shared, they are managed more efficiently. Most contemporary housing projects allow quick access to world-class facilities at a fraction of the cost.   

Connecting with people


A residential community opens its doors to a better social life. The quality of life inside a gated housing complex encourages a sense of bonding among neighbours and helps forge new ties.

Gateway to a contemporary lifestyle


A gated community usually has amenities to meet all recreational needs of its residents. You can indulge in your favourite sport or relax by the pool, without having to step out of the comfort of your society. Modern residential complexes are self-sustaining and come with an array of high-end facilities like gymnasium, swimming pool, health care centres, shopping complex and a host of other features. Some even have a crèche for working mothers.

Serene environs

green space

Large societies boast endless green expanse to calm the nerves. Needless to say, such green stretches are great stress-busters. Apart from providing unrestricted movement for kids and the health-conscious, segregated walkways give the much-needed space to a society's inhabitants.

Turning green

turn green

Besides lavish greens, modern residential communities also have certain eco-friendly systems in place to add to the quality of your life. Rainwater harvesting, CNG-based power back-up, energy-efficient lighting fixtures, and other sustainable technologies -- all in sync with the nature -- give you healthier surroundings.

Profitable proposition

money last

Finally, investing in a good housing project is invariably a bood business idea. It always guarantees good returns. Apart from the abode it offers, community living is loaded with umpteen advantages that justify its price.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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