7 Organisational Tools That Will Make Your Life Easy

7 Organisational Tools That Will Make Your Life Easy

7 Organisational Tools That Will Make Your Life Easy

Nobody loves to live in a house that is cluttered. But, sometimes we get too tired of organising things and putting them back into their place. The result: an unorganised, messy home.

So, if you want your home to be organised without much effort you could apply these seven tools and make a practice to use them.

No more "can't find my ring"

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Getting ready for a party, this one of the most common things women face — not finding the piece of jewellery they want. You could use some old wooden boxes and section them. Designate each box to different types of jewellery like necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Now, place all your jewellery in different sections according to size or occasion. To add to the beauty, colour these boxes using one single or three different paints to further differentiate. Now, you just have to get habitual to the process and you would find your favourite ring exactly where it is supposed to be.

Vanity organised

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Introduce small drawers or removable shelves to your bathroom's vanity. This would help you section different products based on their frequency of use. Also, you can divide the cabinets below the counter using the same shelves and rather than placing tall detergent or cleaner bottles and the remaining space being redundant, you could now have two levels of tall bottles. The removable shelves would help you adjust, based on the height of the bottles. To make it more organised, label these shelves based on the type of products placed in them.

Entertainment? In place



What's one of the most important things in a living that we misplace every time? Remote control! And, now with too many to control a television at once, we do need some organising tools here. Use a shallow wooden box and place sections in it based on the size and number of remotes you have and designate a place for each of your remotes. So, next time you don't have to go out looking for them under your cushions or even under the table. Also, if you have too many CDs and DVDs at home, create shelves in the cabinet underneath the table. Place all these CDs and DVDs alphabetically to make it organised.

Got work? Organise it at home

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Must haves for a home-office are colour-defined files as well as baskets to keep all your paperwork. To ensure a clutter-free workstation, keep a few colour-defined files that could hold your office paperwork and even other paperwork, including bills, house papers, and others. Know what each colour represents and stack these papers accordingly. These files could then be placed in each basket separately.

Appealing drop zones



Another important thing that we misplace is our keys. To keep them in place and to make it practice among all the family members, designate a place at home and keep a well-sectioned attractive drop zone. This drop zone could be divided and labelled by the name of every member at home. They can place their set of car and home keys and even kids could be put to practice to place their bicycle keys.

For laundry


As a practice, in each member's bedroom, place a laundry bag that is sectioned into three. One for coloured, one for whites and one for dark clothes. This would help you or the maid to wash these clothes separately without colours bleeding and staining other clothes.



We all deal with the hassle of entangled cords or long cords peeping out of the back of the television or other appliances. To shorten the length of these long wires and to keep other cords tangle-free invest in flexi-cords or twistable organising cables. These could again be colour-defined for each type including consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, entertainment systems and others.

Last Updated: Thu Aug 03 2017

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