7 Most Unusually Unique Houses In The World

7 Most Unusually Unique Houses In The World

7 Most Unusually Unique Houses In The World

We all dream to have a home that is unique and distinct from other houses. But, we bet your imagination of a unique home has not run this wild as these seven structures. 

MakaanIQ takes you on a tour of world's seven most unusually unique houses whose owners turned their creative imagination into a reality: 

Haines Shoe House


A shoe salesman by profession, Mahlon Haines, was so in love with his job that after his retirement he designed a home the shape of which was inspired by a boot. The house built in 1948 in Pennsylvania, is 25 feet (7.6 m) tall and has five storeys. Once rented to couples, this house is now open for public tours. Interestingly, Haines never lived in this house, he rather rented it to couples. The renters here were given free pairs of shoes when they left.

Haewoojae, The Lavatory House

A lavatory-shaped house, Haewoojae, which means the house for satisfying one's anxiety, is seen in Suwon, about 46 km south of Seoul(penki.lt)

Ever thought of a home that resembles a lavatory? Well, this imagination has been turned into reality in South Korea's Suwon. Sim Jae-Duck built a lavatory-shaped two-storey home and named it Haewoojae, which means the house for satisfying one's anxiety. He had built this home to mark the 2007 inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association. He has been advocating for clean and efficient sanitation for billions of people living without toilets worldwide. Built for a cost of $1.1 million, the house is spread across an area of 4,520 sq ft and is made of steel, concrete, and glass.

The Solar House


Matching the movement of the sun this house is built in the design resembling a three-dimensional sundial. The house, a Heliodome is biomatic solar house, is designed by the French cabinet maker and designer Eric Wasser. The house is built at such an angle that the temperature in the house remains optimum during both the winter and the summer seasons.

Keret's House


The name of this house is derived from the fact that it is built in the narrow space between two existing buildings. It is home to Israeli writer Edgar Keret, in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The part in which this house is built measures a mere 36 inches.

Detachable and Movable Home


We all have learnt that a house is an immovable property. Not in this case. This house is built out of old shipping containers, can be dismantled in a day and transported to any place. The house is constructed by combining four old shipping container two-storeyed mobile house, having three bedrooms, two bathrooms kitchen, balcony, laundry. The flooring is timber wood and air conditioning. It also equipped with sewage treatment plant.

Rotating On Its Axis


Built in Prague, Czech Republic, this house is known for its rotating capabilities. It can rotate up, down and also, on its sides. This allows its dweller to get the window view of his choice. The house was built in the year 2002 by 73-year-old Bohumil Lhota. He built the house close nature to benefit from the cooler ground temperature.

On 'The Rocks'


This house is literally cut out in the sandstone rock wall near Canyonlands National Park, Utah, USA. Referred to as Rock, by the locals, this house was built 35 years ago. 

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