7 Hot Kitchen Countertop Materials

7 Hot Kitchen Countertop Materials

7 Hot Kitchen Countertop Materials

Nowadays kitchens draw more precision and customisation than any other area of a house. Though most of us are aware of the modern-age appliances that need to be installed in a kitchen, the choice of countertop material leaves you baffled. Subjected to daily wear and tear, including chopping, cutting, and cleaning, countertops witness a lot of wet cooking.

So, if you are planning to construct a new kitchen or redo your existing one, MakaanIQ lists seven most popular countertop materials and their advantages.



One of the most expensive stones, granite is known to add luxury to your kitchen. Available in various hues and patterns, it's the most durable and easy-to-maintain natural material. Harsh stains can be removed without much of an effort. But, ensure you follow a regular sealing routine of the material to maintain its durability.



Commonly known as Corian after the brand that was introduced by Du Pont, acrylic is a customisable solid man-made material. Available in different finishes, colours and patterns, the product requires regular rebuffing as it's prone to scratches and stains. Though this might look like plastic, these acrylic surfaces are resistant to heat, hence can withstand high temperatures.



Want to your kitchen to complement your cottage-like theme interiors? One of the most decorative and functional material, wood requires regular sealing. A material that can naturally withstand heat, wood is easy to maintain.



One of the most commonly used material for kitchen countertops, marble is favourite with interior designers as well as home owners. Available in white, beige and black hues, marble is a timeless material which never goes out of fashion. The only drawback is that it is porous, so it requires regular cleaning. Ensure you perform regular moping as well as sealing to material to let it shine like a new penny.

Stainless Steel


The new-found love, stainless steel, is one of the most sought-after materials for contemporary kitchens. The seamless material with a shine that instantly catches one's eye. This material, which is a common feature in industrial kitchens, is among the strongest material which can withstand stains, heat and scratches. All you need is a mop and some detergent. Stainless steel complements other materials and colours used for cabinets and flooring.



For those looking for a cost-effective material, tiles could be your best bet. Pick from single-coloured or pattern tiles depending on the size of the kitchen. While single-coloured tiles could be used in a smaller kitchen, patterns could be used in bigger kitchens. Though a strong material to withstand heat and stains, tiles are prone cracks.


2912544127_dcf1cbc273_b(Flickr/Kelly Sue DeConnick)

Want to wow your guests? A thick concrete countertop could do the trick. These countertops are easy to customise. Pick from a colour and texture that would fit your kitchen design. To add to the look, concrete can be used in combination with glass, tiles or marble. With good heat-absorption power, concrete keeps the temperature cool.


Last Updated: Wed Jul 20 2016

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