7 Home Improvement Tasks You Can Do Yourself Over The Weekend

7 Home Improvement Tasks You Can Do Yourself Over The Weekend

7 Home Improvement Tasks You Can Do Yourself Over The Weekend

Have you been putting off a lot of home improvement tasks? Stop procrastinating. Grab your tools and list out the things you would need. Get motivated as we share seven home improvement tasks you could do over this weekend to ensure that your home functions better:

Update hardware


The handle of your kitchen cabinet has been broken for a long time. First, you took weeks to go buy a replacement, now you are taking weeks to install it even though you have been going through the trouble of using a spoon or knife to open the cabinet.

All you need is screws and a screwdriver and install the new handle in place of the old one.  Get started, you can complete this task under 10 minutes

Install storage


Bought bookshelves for your child's room and a key shelf for your entrance but have not been able to take time out to install them? Do it this weekend. All you would need is nails and a hammer. When installing, ensure the shelves are parallel to the floor and in a straight line. Take help of another family member when doing it.

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Take care of the greens


Have not been able to take care of your plants for a while now? Take out time this weekend to trim them and give them a new look. If you have space in your garden, plant some new summer flowers to make your garden blossom. Gardening will, in fact, help you de-stress, too.

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Repair the patch holes


If you have recently removed some old frames from your living room or uninstalled the television, there will be patch holes on the walls. These shabby patch holes can instantly bring down the complete look of your room. You can repair them on your own. How? All you need is some putty and a knife. Fill up the holes with the putty mix and use a knife to even the surface. You could also bring the paint in which the wall is covered and paint the area you just repaired.

Clean the bathroom fittings


Create a home remedy using lemon and caustic soda to clean up the bathroom fittings including faucets, shower heads, and hand shower. The home mixture will instantly clear off the water stains and any kind of rusting on the fittings. 

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Buy that new appliance

matte appliances(Dreamstime)

Another plan you have been delaying for long. Go out some home shopping over the weekend and change the appliances that are age-old. Rather buy the latest in the market that is energy efficient and runs on a better technology. What's more? These appliances will add to the décor of your home, too, with the in-vogue designs and finish.

Replace curtains


Summers are here and it is time to replace those heavy silk curtains with soft cottons or organza. These curtains will help in ventilation and will also make the indoors of your home look cooler and spacious. This can be a time taking task so do it in breaks.

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Last Updated: Mon May 08 2017

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