7 Hacks To Add Life To Your Small Balcony

7 Hacks To Add Life To Your Small Balcony

7 Hacks To Add Life To Your Small Balcony

Given the size of apartments we live in today's time, not everyone has the privilege of having a sprawling garden or spread out balcony. Most of us have to live with the small outdoors and in fact, due to the size, they remain ignored when it comes to décor attention.

Though small you could still deck these areas to make them a part of your décor and also, a place where you could sit and enjoy the outdoors. MakaaniQ lists seven hacks that could turn your otherwise dull balcony into a bright spot for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors:

Go vertical

Love the garden(Lovethegarden.com)

Do not have enough space to add greens to your balcony or the garden? It is time to go vertical and grow vertical. Buy small planters and hook them up the wall. To brighten up the space, invest in colourful planters and even plants that grow pretty flowers.

Fold them up


Small outdoors do not give us the luxury to place furniture and still leave room to move around. Folding furniture is what you need. This will keep your small space clutter-free. Open it when you need to sit or else enjoy the breeze by standing in your balcony. Folding furniture can include a small table, and chairs depending on the number of family members you are.

Look up

teacup lighting(Wikimedia)

Got a ceiling on the terrace? Use it to add beauty to your balcony and lighten up it too. Add a quirky lighting fixture, make sure it is sleek and attractive. You can also run string lights through the planters on the wall to add to the look. Or you can add planters on the ceiling and hang them along the light fixture.

Add colours


Colours are important to add to a small space. But make sure you do in the right amount. For instance, on the wall where maximum sunlight falls, paint it white or a bright yellow. This will brighten up the area suddenly and also reflect light. Add colour with planters and coloured folding furniture.

How about a mirror



Want to make your balcony look spacious? Use a mirror on one of the side walls. You could add an accent piece to not only make your balcony look spacious but also add look to the whole set up.

Spread a little green

grass path(Dreamstime)

Living on a highrise, a grass-filed garden can only be a dream. Artificial grass is to your rescue. Carpet your balcony with artificial grass and let the colour add beauty to the setup. This carpet will bring you closer to nature and the green will keep the balcony cool.

Merge the indoors with outdoor


To bring nature into your home, remove the concrete boundary wall between your indoors and the outdoors. Replace the wall with sliding glass doors. This will keep you closer to nature even when indoors. And, why not flaunt the décor you have put up on the outdoors to your guests. 

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Last Updated: Tue Jun 13 2017

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