7 Green Technologies To Make Your Home Better

7 Green Technologies To Make Your Home Better

7 Green Technologies To Make Your Home Better

In your everyday life, a lot of energy is required in the form of cooling and heating systems, water and electricity. Wouldn't you love a home that is not just beautiful to live in but smart enough to generate and consume energy efficiently. There are several ways to conserve energy that can be put to use in your everyday routine.

MakaaniQ lists some green technologies that you can install and use in your home:

Green water heater

water heater(Dreamstime)

A lot of energy in the form of water as well as electricity, is consumed by water heaters. Install a solar water heater and harness the never-ending energy of the sun. This is a sustainable way to cut your energy cost at one-time investment.

Green roofs

SOlar panel roof(Dreamstime)

Solar panels are the biggest asset and most sough-after green technology to be used at home. You will have to incur some cost of installation for this system, but in the long run it will reduce the energy costs drastically. A garden rooftop is another form of green roof. Nothing can be better than having the best of both the worlds – growing green and saving green.

Green flooring


Bamboo is a natural resource which is durable and moisture-resistant. For a green and long-lasting flooring use bamboo replacing it with wood. 

Green water harvesting system

rain barrel(Dreamstime)

Rainwater harvesting system connected to rooftop is the best source of energy conservation. The collected water can be used for household chores like washing utensils and toilet flushes. Rain barrel is another way to collect water for your flower garden. Install a barrel outside which will collect water when it rains and can be used to water the plants.

Green flushing


A toilet flush uses an average of 4.8 litres of water, making it one of the biggest source of water wastage in a home. You can cut your water wastage by changing the flush system. Installing a dual low-flush toilet which will let you choose how much water you need to flush in one go. Switching to this system will not only save water but will also lower your water bill.

Green electronics


Most electrical appliances have turned smart these days. Use as many smart electricals as you can to save energy. There are devices that turn off automatically after a stipulated time. High technologies have been introduced in which lights automatically shuts when you leave the room. Besides smart electricals, use LED lights at home, which are energy efficient, and make it a practice to switch off the lights and appliances when not in use.

Green décor


If you want your home to be green, then why not introduce green décor. Like rain barrels can serve a dual purpose, use recycled products to decorate your home.

Last Updated: Thu Dec 22 2016

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