7 Furniture Essentials For Small Spaces

7 Furniture Essentials For Small Spaces

7 Furniture Essentials For Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a challenge when designing them. The biggest challenge is to add the right furniture which doesn't eat up on the space but is enough for the whole family.

So, if you are short on space, a right choice of furniture can fulfill your requirements. To help you overcome your space woes MakaaniQ lists some small space furniture essentials that you must add to your home:



Rather than choosing big-sized or deep shelves, opt for shelves that fit your space and can be made to stand straight or lay flat depending on the space. Invest in light-weighed shelves which when required can be easily moved from one room to the other.

Pedestal table


A round pedestal table is ideal for a small space. It can easily fit into a small space and the round edges ensure safety. Pedestal table can easily be placed in a corner and used as a side table.



A love seat is perfect for relaxing and stretching and also, adding beauty to your home. If you can't keep a full sofa, a settee makes an ideal piece of furniture for replacement. You can keep it near your bed or dining area. Similarly, a bench without a backrest is also a smart choice for small spaces. It serves the purpose of immediate sitting furniture and can be easily tucked under a table, when not in use.

Stack of stools


If the space does not allow keeping a sofa or arm chairs, add a stack of stools. These can be helpful and functional for fulfilling the needs. The stools can be tucked under a table and can be arranged when extra seating is required. They can also be used as side tables close to bed.



Poufs, ottomans or bean bags are the best additions for creating more seating space when needed. They can be used as footstools or extra seating, depending on the usage.



Small-sized armchairs are cozy and comfortable to add to your home as they do not cover much of the space. Keep a small pedestal table, along with armchairs to create a perfect seating arrangement.



Although it is not a part of furniture, but a large mirror is an apt furniture essential for a small space. Hanging a large mirror will make your room appear bigger. If placed across a window, it can reflect light in the room making it more brighter. If you do not want a single large mirror, you hang multiple mirrors together.

Last Updated: Wed Nov 02 2016

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