7 Common Interior Designing Mistakes

7 Common Interior Designing Mistakes

7 Common Interior Designing Mistakes
You too can give a facelift to your home sans professional help. Photos: DREAMSTIME

It is not mandatory that you need an interior designer to design your dream home. You may not be a professional, but you too can give a makeover to your home like a pro. However, make sure you don't make those little and common mistakes that can ruin your whole décor. Some special measures and extra care and planning can give your house a well-designed and classy look.
Here are some general mistakes that you should avoid while designing your home.



Scale is the most common interior designing mistake that people make. Do not keep too many things in your room which will make it appear cluttered. Keep an accurate scale in designing giving your eyes a place to land. Also, do not put too many large sized things in a room which will make it look small and stuffed. An ideal scale is a mix of different shapes, sizes and heights. Hence, work towards the proportion and scale for a well-designed room.

Shop and budget


People, in general, follow this practice of going out for shopping and picking things that they like. Randomly buying and picking things that you fall in love with, is not a great idea for interior design and décor. Before you begin your shopping, plan and set a budget in advance. Plan the furniture size and its placement and buy accordingly.

Painting before deciding on the fabrics

Paint and Fabric(Dreamstime)

Another common mistake that most people make is painting the house without giving a thought to furnishings and upholstery. Keep your paint brush aside and decide fabrics, textiles such as rugs and curtains. With a plenty of colour options for paint available in the market, always buy your furniture and fabric first and then match the colour of the paint with them.

Seek help

seek help(Dreamstime)

It is not necessary that you seek help from a professional, take advice from your family and friends for some interesting interior design tips. Mix and match thoughts and views and design your home with your signature style.

Focal point

focal point (1)

Neglecting focal point can affect the overall appearance of your room. Every room needs a focal point where the eye of a visitor rests. It also helps improve the functionality of a room. For a larger room, it is easier to find a focal point, but for smaller rooms, locate a focal point for a purpose and place furnishings around it.

Hanging paintings and photos



Do not hang paintings or photos too high or too low. Where you want to hang a painting is completely your call; however, there are areas in the house where the art placed might give a cluttered look. Do not forget the height of the paintings/photos can affect the appearance of the wall, by making it look taller or shorter.

Show your personality


Your home is your reflection; it should speak of what you are. Plain walls with wooden furniture and a simple painting may appear a contemporary style of décor, but it may make your home appear boring and plain. Incorporate ideas from your life and personality while designing your home. Don't be afraid of experimenting; just don't overdo anything.

Last Updated: Fri Oct 07 2016

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