7 Colours That Can Transform Your Home From Drab To Fab

7 Colours That Can Transform Your Home From Drab To Fab

7 Colours That Can Transform Your Home From Drab To Fab

A home is a reflection of your personality and so are the colours that constitute that home. But, did you know colours can impact our mood, our behaviour and even our energies. Each colour in the palette is known to impact human behaviour in certain manner.

MakaanIQ brings you a list of hues that are in vogue this season and how these colours stimulate the human mind:

Cameo Pink



No, this ain't no girly or bubble gum pink. This year fill your room with a subtle shade of pink which would bring a vintage look to your home. This colour could be used in a living room to bring warmth to guests and also bring harmony among the family members. This colour, which also looks like blossoms, will also add a dash of spring to your home.

Team up this colour with vintage furniture, including wingback chairs in white or darker shades or pink, gold or black furnishings and glass vases. 

Sunshine Yellow



This shade of yellow, as bright as the sunshine, is known as the happy colour. It is well-suited for kitchens, dining areas and bathrooms as it uplifts and energises the human mind. When applied in a small space, it can make them look expansive. Though this colour is known to stimulate the nerves, when used in large amounts or as main colour, it tends to impact human mind negatively. Understanding that it stimulates human mind, too much of yellow could also make people lose temper quickly.

When using it on walls, pair this colour with white upholstery and wooden furniture. For larger spaces, you could team up this colour with bright-coloured upholstery, too.

Carnival Red


This year go gala and opt for the carnival red. Imagine moving into a room with red colour scheme and you would suddenly feel the energy levels rising. An intense colour that also denotes romance, it is known to stimulate human mind and stir up excitement and conversation. Thus, it is a colour best used in living room and bedroom.

If you still think red is too bright a colour for you, then team it up with grey, white or blue, to mellow down its impact. Use red in accessories, including curtains and rugs and team it up with white sofa set and a grey accent wall.



This year keep the drama aside. The subtle shade of purple, lavender brings the richness from the dark hue and adds relaxation to it. Using lavender in bedroom can ensure a good night's sleep. You could add this colour to your and your children's bedroom too. Moreover, adding this colour makes your home look spacious.

Team up this colour with the darker hues of purple to further add richness. But, for smaller spaces team up this colour with gold and white.

Olive Green


The most restful colour to the eye from the green palette is Olive Green. The relaxation it brings makes this colour suitable for every room in your home.

How about painting the walls of your room olive green with a white accent wall? Fill the room with some vintage wooden furniture and some gold accessories to complete the look.

Coastal Blue


This year blue just got breezy with the coastal hue of this colour of the nature. Blue, a colour known to lower blood pressure and heart rate, gives a sense of serenity and calmness to the mind. Add this colour to your bedroom and living room for blissful conversations and a sound sleep, respectively.

Pair this colour with white and silver shades of upholstery and cushions made of prints that have a darker shade of blue in them. The idea is to go neutral when you have blue as the main colour in the scheme.

Orangeade Orange


The colour of summer, this colour that resembles a freshly squeezed orange juice is a perfect fit for those who want to feel energetic. A colour suited for a workspace or even home gym as this colour evokes excitement and enthusiasm.

In a room, which has orange as the main colour scheme, use seamless metallic or rot iron furniture. Use cushions in bright colours mixed with white, to let the orange stand out.

Last Updated: Fri Sep 09 2016

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