7 Colour Combinations You Could Never Go Wrong With

7 Colour Combinations You Could Never Go Wrong With

7 Colour Combinations You Could Never Go Wrong With

It sounds fun to give your home a new look every time the trend changes. But, not all of us have the time and the funds to do so as trends change practically every season. So, how about giving your home colours that will never go out of fashion?

MakaaniQ lists seven colour combinations that you could never go wrong with:

White & neutrals


If you love subtlety, this is the combination you could never go wrong with. Use a large amount of classic white, on walls, and floors. Next start adding the lightest shades of grey, beige or brown to the furniture, curtains, rugs and decorative. This combination would not only be in fashion forever but will also give your home a cool and larger look. To add a little touch of the latest in trend, only add a dash of that bright colour that you saw in the interiors magazine this month. Don't forget, this combination would also be high on maintenance.

Navy blue & white

navy blue and white(Dreamstime)

This combination is a refreshing entry to your home if you have a child at home. This theme could adorn their room and make it look lively and energetic. You could have white walls with an accent wall that is painted in blue. Add a rug which is a mix of these two colours. To brighten it up further, add a dash of any of the hot colours that are in vogue. How about an orange chair or a yellow bean bag to add to the look?

Peacock green & blue with neutrals

Peacock blue and green(Dreamstime)

Grey, brown and white do wonders when coupled with bright colours. Try a combination of grey and natural brown with peacock blue and green. Don't go overboard with bright colours; rather add them in portions. It could be an accent wall with a wallpaper which has a mix of all these colours, a painting with a white backdrop and peacock colour motif or a wooden couch with cushions in green and blue. Or try this. Add peacock-coloured flowers to a grey or a white vase and see how they ooze beauty.

Blue on blue

Blue on blue(Pexels)

Want to create a serene environment at home? Just add blues. Different shades of blue all over your living area would only be welcoming and pleasing to the eye. Be it a bright blue sofa set coupled with a sky blue rug or lampshades that are a mix of matte blue and white. To kill the monotony, add some bright red or orange flowers, and also some wooden cabinets and a wooden coffee table.

Hot & white

hot and white(Dreamstime)

If you love the hot hues of colours including orange, yellow, red or pink, create a look by combining them with white. But this has to be done carefully. Just a little extra and the whole look could go wrong. Try adding the hot colour in form of a half-and-half wall with white as the other colours. Add some hot colour cushions or just a life-size vase or lampshade.

Rusts & brown

Rusts and brown(Pexels)

For the time travellers, this is a perfect combination. For a vintage look, add wooden furniture polished for a raw look. Couple this with lighting that has a rustic look to it and installed with yellow lights. What more? Add some metallic accessories, including copper bowls, brass lampshades or a corner piece. You could also pick clay decorative.

All together

Multi colour(Pexels)

Can't take your pick and want to give your home all the colours possible? There is an interesting way to do it. Use a base colour of your choice in the scheme and simply add a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Place your complete book collection on the shelves. And voila! All the book covers in different colours would fulfil your desire of all colours at one place.

Last Updated: Wed Nov 02 2016

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