7 Bedside Tables To Choose From

7 Bedside Tables To Choose From

7 Bedside Tables To Choose From

If you love to read, surf the net, or have a cuppa while still in the bed, then you need a bedside table which would aptly house all the sundry stuff for you. Besides this, tables are essential to keep things in order and declutter the bed.

MakaanIQ lists different styles of bedside tables which have functionality and décor in equal measure.

Chest of drawers

chest of drawers(Dreamstime)

A chest of drawers is the most common bedside table. Chest of drawers means more storage which will simply allow you to put maximum things at a single place. You can get these drawers in different shapes and sizes and can even experiment with its colour or style.

Single drawer

single drawer(Dreamstime)

If you want your bedside table to serve the dual purpose of storing and keeping a decorative piece as well, then a single drawer bedside is the best bet for you. Such a table could be ideal for the guest room where the visitors can keep their different things like wallet, keys, etc. You can also keep a lamp or a decorative piece on it.

Open shelves

open shelves(Dreamstime)

This option is good for people who love to read and need a place to keep their books on their bedside. The open shelves could be very functional and handy as a bedside library or organiser. You can also display your favourite stuff and flaunt it.

A simple table

simple table(Dreamstime)

If you are person a minimalist, simply keep a small table on your bedside to keep a lamp and a few things such as a glass of water or a cell phone.

Floating shelves


A simple line of floating shelves will not only enhance a sense of space in your room but can also give your room a contemporary look. Floating tables can be fixed to the wall with customised height and width.

Unmatched table

unmatched table(Dreamstime)

If you are a person who loves to experiment with furniture and home décor, choose a bedside table which is in contrast to the style and colour of your furniture. You can also choose a nest of tables which you can pull any time when you need an additional storage or a bedside furniture.

DIY table

DIY Table (Pinterest.ArchitectureArtDesigns)(Pinterest/ArchitectureArtDesigns)

Bring out the creative best in you by recycling old things from your home to make a DIY bedside table. You can use an old ladder or a bunch of old furniture pieces to create an upcycle table. With this, you can also add sophistication to your bedroom décor.

Last Updated: Mon Jul 25 2016

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