6 Ways To Improve Your Apartment's View

6 Ways To Improve Your Apartment's View

6 Ways To Improve Your Apartment's View

An apartment that offers amazing views of green pastures or a city's skyline, is every homebuyer's delight. Studies suggest that there are various psychological benefits of good views from your home or workplace, including fewer ailments and improved productivity at work. However, some of us may not be lucky enough to get a home which is just rightly placed, to give us a pleasurable view of the surroundings. Do not fret though as MakaaniQ brings you some interesting DIY tricks to upgrade your home's views.

Plants for inside and outside the house

Adding plants near the windows is an inexpensive way of concealing poor views. A simple trellis or grills can be installed outside your windows where you can have creepers viz. Jasmine or ivy that will help hide the view. It would also minimise noise levels to some extent. Pretty plants hanging from the ceiling or glass shelves with planters, herbs or flowers too, can block the bad views.

Adjustable window treatments

Window treatments that include Roman shades or blinds can be advantageous in two ways. The panels can be adjusted to block either the top or bottom of the window. This will not allow natural light to enter the room but let you have your privacy. Solar shades are alternative options with an added benefit of protecting you from UV rays.

Glass films

Apply a frosted window film to make the view blurred or less distinct. This works well, especially if the views are completely unpleasant. Get creative by cutting the film in attractive designs or shapes. You can further have some leafy designs carved on it which will be a subtle hint of natural foliage. Adding mirrors is also recommended if it doesn't reflect undesirable views such as the bathroom.

Textured sheer roller shades

Placing custom-made drapes or roller shades is another great way to obstruct unattractive views. Add them alone or combine them with your regular curtains, if you prefer to block the light at night. The idea is to use a sheer material which has a pattern or texture on its surface which can act as the perfect distraction.

Cover with art and photos

Hang distractions in front of the window, with decorative fabrics which are a budget-friendly alternative to window treatments. An eye-catching plant display or a sculpture, can create a new effect and enhance the view of the landscape outside your window. You can also consider hanging decorative paper in a float frame, over a window. This simply refers to sandwiching paper between two pieces of glass and there is no need for any backing.

Talk to neighbours

If it is just a pile of junk in your neighbour's place that is spoiling the view, it is better to sort out the issue through conversation. Gently approach your neighbours and help them to clean up the surroundings. Offer help to get creative and come up with an alternative place for arranging the stuff.

Last Updated: Fri Sep 15 2017

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