6 Ways To Bring Nordic Décor Into Your Home

6 Ways To Bring Nordic Décor Into Your Home

6 Ways To Bring Nordic Décor Into Your Home

The Scandinavian style of home décor could be your signature style if you are a minimalist. With functional furniture, monochrome colours and life-size accent pieces, it's a true-blue modern-age home. Given its understated elegance, the Nordic or Scandinavian décor style has taken the world by storm.

MakaanIQ lists six ways in which you could bring home this north European style and make a style statement. 

Kiss the woods



Being closer to the North Pole and experiencing harsh, cold weather conditions all around the year is the reason why Scandinavians like to incorporate warmth into their homes with a lot of wood. For a home owner in India, you could incorporate wood in certain areas of your home as a part of the Nordic-style décor. Opt for wooden flooring and paint in white or subtle shades of grey or design your ceiling with wooden beams.

Also, wooden folding chairs are a key feature in Scandinavian homes.

Go grey


Ensconced in the greens and snow-capped mountains, the Nordics love to contrast it with the grey colour. Create an accent wall in your home and paint it grey and paint other walls white. This way the grey wall will stand out. Make sure that the grey wall is painted in a matte finish to get the right look.

To further add a flavour to your home, add some cosy cushions in different shades of grey. Opt between the soft materials -- velvet or fur.

Throw some light


While your home has minimal and straightline furniture and some decorative pieces, these big pendant lights become the cynosure of your abode. You can opt for white paper lanterns or if you love the metallic look, add a copper or gold pendant. The thumb rule is to ensure that these lights are minimal in shape and design.

Art in monochrome


Monochrome is a theme that clearly defines Scandinavian home décor. Add as much monochrome as you could to your home. Place some black and white artwork on the grey accent wall you create or just place a monochrome painting on the floor near your sitting area. You could also add cushions in a black and white theme or in black and white patterns on a white sofa set.

A dash of blue


Blue is a colour that Scandinavians love but only in certain places. To add a dash of the colour that defines the sky and water, place some blue-coloured decorative including a vase, a bowl or even small lamp. Make sure these decorative are only blue in colour. This colour will add exclusivity to an otherwise monochromatic home.

No knick-knacks


As minimal is the bottom-line of the Nordic theme, make sure you do not clutter your home with a lot of decorative or artefacts. Just bring in a small but eye-catching decorative and place it in the most unusual places. This will add drama to your home. Unconventional is a way of Scandinavian homes, follow it.

Last Updated: Mon Jul 18 2016

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