6 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

6 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

6 Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

The bathroom is an important section of our homes. Whether for taking a bath before leaving for work or unwinding in a hot tub at the end of a busy day, we spend some time every day, in our bathrooms. However, a cramped washroom area can really make us claustrophobic. With shrinking spaces of apartments, small bathrooms have become a reality and can pose serious design challenges. However, with thoughtful space planning, we can utilise every inch of the available space. Here are some useful tips to deal with the drawbacks of a small bathroom design.

Splurge on mirrors and glass

Reflective surfaces can create a spacious effect in the room. Go for a large mirror with an attractive frame. This will not only double the size of the room but give a dramatic look to the space. Installing glass features is another great way to visually expand the room. Try opting for transparent shower screens. Use tinted glass panels which will allow light to enter, while ensuring privacy.

Add more lighting

Adequate lighting also aids in enhancing the perception of space. Add more light fixtures which will make all the corners of the room visible and help give a spacious feel. Try updating the bulbs and light fixtures in the bathroom for better views. A skylight will be a great idea to let in natural light during the day.

Consider designs and light colours

Dark colours can really make your bathroom appear smaller than its actual size. Choose pastel or lighter shades such as white for the tiles or walls which can make a tiny bathroom look more open and roomy. Using the same colours for the fixtures and walls, flooring or ceiling will allow cohesion and create the illusion of more space. Include quirky designs like vertical stripes on upper edges of walls to create an illusion of increased height. Similarly, a circular or round washbasin can do the same trick for adding more space.  

Use corner spaces and floating cabinets

Corner and overhead spaces are often ignored in small bathroom designs. Having corner vanities, sinks or storage cabinets, will offer great benefits in creating additional space. Free up floor space by installing wall-mounted toilets, sinks and floating storage compartments. Make use of available floor space for necessary things like the trash bin.

Avoid bulky fixtures or cabinets

Over-sized cabinets can be too much for a small bathroom. Consider built-in units like open nooks or shelves and vertical towel drying racks or an over-the-door rack that will utilise the wall space effectively. Small-sized bath fixtures and accessories is a suitable solution, especially for the guest bathroom or for a small family.

Set up functional doors/panels

Doors which open outwards can help remove space constraints greatly. Opting for glass panels, acrylic walls or collapsible or sliding type shower screens, can play a role in conserving space. Sliding doors can easily slide into the in-wall cavities and allow more space.

Last Updated: Wed Sep 20 2017

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