6 Strange Homes Around The World

6 Strange Homes Around The World

6 Strange Homes Around The World

If you have ever loved the feeling of designing your own home, you would definitely understand what we mean here. Well, everyone loves an eye-pleasing house design but here are some homeowners who loved to do things differently!

Fly high with Miziara

aeroplane house


If you ever visit Lebanon, here's something for you. Miziara, a village in Lebanon has a repute of building homes on lines of Greek Temples and Egyptian ruins and therefore, an aeroplane-house herein is not a child's play, it is for real.



Want to see the magic? Head to 967 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls. This property is on rent. A two-bedroom unit spread over 1,200 sq ft and the roof is beneath you for a change.



As many as 70 dome-shaped homes were built by a US non-profit organisation for a community in Sumberharjo, Indonesia. These homes can stand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, too. These homes were built after the area was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake post which many were rendered homeless.

Transparent house

transparent house(Youtube)

How open are you as a person? Most of us would prefer our privacy but not them. Sou Fujimoto Architects came up with the transparent house in Tokyo which lets plenty of daylight in. Where did the inspiration come from? From our ancestors, who lived on trees! Well, you could have daylight but don't cry for privacy!

A size-zero home

Keret house(Wikimedia)

Size-zero seems to have taken over architecture, too. The Keret House in Poland is the world's slimmest home and is 152 centimetres at its widest point. Call it minimalism or making use of every precious inch of urban space, its dweller cum designer, Jakub Szczesny has squeezed his home between two buildings too!

The toilet-home

Toilet House Korea(Shutterstock)

Perhaps the mind is most alert herein. The Mayor of Suwon Sim Jae-Duk's house is designed in the shape of a toilet to commemorate the founding of World Toilet Organisation. The house boasts a beautiful rooftop balcony which has flags of many countries hoisted there. It costs over a million dollars as per reports. 

Last Updated: Tue Jul 11 2017

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