6 Home Remedies To Make Your Home Pest-Free This Monsoon

6 Home Remedies To Make Your Home Pest-Free This Monsoon

6 Home Remedies To Make Your Home Pest-Free This Monsoon

Monsoon is here and you must be all set to enjoy the pitter-patter of rains bringing much-needed coolness around. However, you must also be aware that the humid climate also aids in the growth of not just bacteria and fungus but pests and insects, too. The high moisture levels in the air and stagnant water becomes a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and an invitation for serious diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. Thus, it is essential to prevent these pesky pests from entering your homes.

MakaaniQ brings you amazing ways you could use to keep insects and pests at bay during rains.

Secure entrances and outdoors

Shut off any cracks in exterior walls or the tiny gaps which exist around doors, pipelines, etc. Install wire mesh and screens on the doors and windows of your home. This is the easiest way to stop the mosquitoes and fleas from entering your home and even lets you enjoy fresh air without any interruption. Make sure to have tight-fitting entrances by properly sealing the windows, vents, pipes, chimneys and roof shingles.

Use disinfectants for cleaning

Cockroaches and leeches are more likely to be found in the cool and moisture-laden corners of the house during the rains. They are the carriers of germs which could get transferred to food items as well. It is important to keep the floors dry and perform a thorough cleaning of the house using a disinfectant.

Clear out stagnant water

Mosquitoes thrive in standing water and only a small amount is enough for the eggs to sustain. Remember to keep water tanks, drums and buckets covered with a lid. Clear out the water from coolers, flower vases, plant pots and pet dishes. Replace the water in containers regularly. Add few drops of kerosene oil to open drains and ponds.

Magic effect of plants

Install plants that have insect-repellent properties, either indoors or outdoors. You could make a choice from some commonly found species - Basil, Lavender, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Catnip and Citronella. Ensure to maintain them well.

Do away with clutter

A cluttered house creates a haven for insects and pests. Discard unwanted cardboard boxes and newspapers. Reorganise your house, particularly the kitchen area and keep food items in sealed containers. Ensure the garbage cans are closed and dispose of waste regularly. Take care of your pets by giving them a regular bath and do not forget to remove their excreta immediately.

Aroma of natural oils

The cinnamon powder which insects detest can be sprinkled in all corners of the house. Natural oil such as neem oil, lavender oil or eucalyptus oil are some of the other effective natural insect repellents. Their strong odour draws insects away when sprayed in the room or applied on the skin. Light a piece of camphor in the room or spray a mixture of white vinegar and water around doorways and windowsills. Avoid scented toiletries as they can attract pests.  

Last Updated: Thu Aug 10 2017

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