6 Haunted Mansions Listed For Sale

6 Haunted Mansions Listed For Sale

6 Haunted Mansions Listed For Sale

Do creepy interiors and spooky ambience excite you? There are numerous haunted houses across the world which are listed for sale but have no takers for obvious reasons. There have been instances when people have reported paranormal activities here but apart from hearsay and century-old beliefs, there is nothing more to rely on. So if you too have an appetite for such unique possessions, MakaanIQ brings you a curated list of haunted homes that are available for sale.

  • 501 NE 1st St Mineral Wells, Texas


This is a 5-bedroom family home built in about 1.3-acre land, close to Baker Hotel. There are two baths in the home while the third one is secretly sealed due to reported ghostly activities. The total floor size is 2,800 sq ft and is priced between $99,000- 1,39,000. It is also known as the haunted hill house as you can expect nine resident ghosts in the house. The owner has clear instructions not to remove any objects from the house.

  • 138 E Fulton Street, Canton, Mississippi


This is the property which looks like any luxury home but has a spooky history of 166 years. Built by Dr James Priestly, this is a five-bedroom property where all the subsequent owners after Priestley and his wife have reported paranormal activity claiming that the musical instrument played by themselves. The cost of this property is between $5,38,00-9,38,000, varying across real estate portals, as it is a heritage property.

  • The Ice House, Kincardineshire, Scotland


Although it looks like a perfect cottage property, there have been occasional ghost sightings according to the neighbours. The property has a graveyard where one of the inhabitants committed suicide. This 1-acre property is also known as The Ice House and is listed for $4,52,400.

  • 13800 W Country House Road, Albion, New York


Being an 1800’s mansion, this majestic property has impressive features including big bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces, library and a formal dining room. However, a renovation in 2006 has raised a couple of spirits who are sighted in the halls. If you are okay waking up to a mysterious ghost at the foot of your bed, this home is available for $4,99,000 only.

  • Maplecroft Mansion, Fall River, Massachusetts


This home too has a history attached to it as this belongs to murder- accused Lizzie Borden. Prized at $8,49,900, the property is supposed to be haunted by Lizzie’s ghost at night. The mansion has Borden’s original bed and Queen Anne’s furniture.

  • Lymphoy House, Currie, Scotland


Located in the rolling hills of Currie, this is a magnificent six-bedroom property which dates back to 1835. It has high ceilings, fireplaces and a spirit who haunts the corridors at night. The property is valued at $1.6 million and has a paddock and tennis court.

Last Updated: Mon Aug 27 2018

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