6 Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Work Better

6 Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Work Better

6 Hacks To Make Your Bathroom Work Better

Bathrooms, which are an integral part of our home, tend to be overlooked when it comes to designing a home. A bathroom, like every room in our home, should be functional along with being aesthetically appealing. From adequate storage to smooth traffic flow, the bathroom space needs to have everything rightly placed in order to work better.

MakaanIQ lists six easy hacks that could make your bathroom functional, instantly:

Separate shower and bath? No

shower and bath(Dreamstime)

When planning to renovate your bathroom, opt for a shower-bath combo instead of a separate bath and shower. This will not only reduce the covered space and area but will also make it easier for you to enjoy your preference and need. This will also save money as a separate shower and bath calls for extra plumbing.

Keep it in the corner

corner sink


A pedestal sink can at times disrupt traffic in the bathroom. Install a corner sink to save space and utilise the area efficiently.

Ventilate it


If your bathroom suffers from poor ventilation, install an exhaust fan to give it some free air. Install an exhaust on your bathroom window or a ceiling fan. The exhaust will help you get rid of the fog-inducing steam, humidity and musty odours. Another plus: no foggy mirrors.

Create storage

storage behind mirror(Dreamstime)


It is always good to utilise every inch of your bathroom for a purpose. Create storage behind your large size mirror to utilise the space efficiently. Use this space to store towels and necessary toiletries. This hidden storage will also help keep your bathroom clutter free.

Sits well


Keep a multipurpose stool in your bathroom which can serve several purposes. It will not only be beneficial for kids to stand on when they can not reach the basin but will also be used to keep few things while you are in your bathtub. In case, you have your vanity in the bathroom, then the stool could serve the purpose for dressing up.



The bathroom mats not only add visual appeal to the bathroom but also gives you a cosy and warm surface in winters. However, there are mats which can get sticky and slippery when you put wet feet on them. Replace such mats and keep a bath mat which has absorbent qualities and is easy to clean.  

Last Updated: Fri Jul 29 2016

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