6 Easy Ways To Style The Foot Of Your Bed

6 Easy Ways To Style The Foot Of Your Bed

6 Easy Ways To Style The Foot Of Your Bed

A footboard of the bed is one of the most ignored space in our bedrooms. Though we design our bedroom with utmost precision, the footrest area of the bed ends up being an empty space. But, this an area which can also taste the flavour of your style, accompanying the already existing interesting silhouette.

MakaanIQ lists some amazing ways to style the foot of the bed:

Room divider

Creating a room divider, particularly for a loft or a studio apartment, would separate the areas where the foot of the bed serves as a dividing point. This would also act as a perfect home décor option.

Seating area

Enhance the wow factor of the bed by creating an elegant seating area at the foot. You could opt from a bench, a classy settee or an ottoman. All these furnished with bright cushions will make your bed look even brighter than it is.

Storage space

The foot of the bed can have a beautifully designed storage racks or a functional bookshelf for a pleasurable bedside reading experience.

Multiple drop options

The footboard could be made into a drop zone for your storage needs. Several mini drop zones could be created which could be used to strategically organise things.

A pet bed

For those who have a pet including a dog or a cat, you could add a cozy bed or a sleeping area for them at the footboard. Tuck their bed under yours when not in use to save space.

Tea tabletop

The foot-of-the-bed bench can have an attached cocktail table or tea tabletop configuration.

Last Updated: Sat Jun 18 2016

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