5 Weird And Mysterious Places On Earth

5 Weird And Mysterious Places On Earth

5 Weird And Mysterious Places On Earth

It is said that reality is stranger than fiction. Many places and phenomenon are weird and are not easily explained.

MakaaniQ lists five such places on the planet Earth that are weird and mysterious:

Door to Hell, Derweze, Turkmenistan


A natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan, this collapsed into an underground cavern in 1971, becoming a natural gas crater. The gas crater is located near the Derweze village. The name "Door to Hell" was given to the field by locals, referring to the fire, boiling mud, and orange flames in the large crater which has a diameter of 70 mt. It is in the middle of the Karakum Desert, about 260 km north of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. Geologists set it on fire to prevent the spread of methane gas with an estimate that it would burn off in a few weeks. Instead, it has been continuously burning for more than four decades. The diameter of the crater is 69 metres, and its depth is 30 metres.

Skeleton Lake, India


The Roopkund Lake is a glacial lake in an isolated spot on the Himalayas. It is at a height of 16,499 feet. It is also known as the Skeleton Lake in the state of Uttarakhand. A British soldier found more than 200 skeletons in the bottom of the shallow lake in the year 1942. It was previously thought to be skeletons of the Japanese soldiers who had invaded the area during the Second World War. Opinions about the existence of skeletons vary from being purely spiritually to scientific. On examination of skeletons, it was found that it dated back to 850 AD.

Michigan Triangle, Lake Michigan, USA



Michigan Triangle is a spot in the centre of Lake Michigan. There are two most famous disappearances from the Michigan Triangle --- the 1950 Northwest Airlines Flight 2051, and that of Captain Donner from his locked cabin. According to some researchers, these horrendous weather conditions can account for many of the unexplained disappearances on or over the lake. However, windstorms can't explain some of the most mysterious cases, like the unexplained disappearances.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan


Located at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan, Aokigahara Forest is also known as the Suicide Forest. It is spread over an area of 35-square-kilometre. It is notoriously famous for being a suicide site. Japan has a long history of suicide. For example, Seppuku—a samurai's ritual suicide thought to be honorable—dates back to Japan's feudal era. According to estimates, Aokigahara Forest has claimed 100 lives a year. It is also believed that the forest is haunted by the ghosts of those abandoned by the ubasute, a brutal form of euthanasia that translates roughly to "abandoning the old woman". The mournful spirits of the suicidal linger in the woods.

Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean

bermuda triangle(Wikimedia)

This is a loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean, also known as The Devil's Triangle, covers about 500,000 square miles of ocean off the south-eastern tip of Florida. The triangle doesn't exist, according to the US Navy. The US Board does not recognise its name, in Geographic Names. It is one of the rare places on the planet where the compass points to the true north direction instead of Earth's magnetic north. This mythical section of Atlantic Ocean is where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared. They have seemingly vanished from the area in good weather, without even radioing distress messages.

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