5 Ways To Use Recycled Glass

5 Ways To Use Recycled Glass

5 Ways To Use Recycled Glass

Glass in the form of light bulbs, food containers or beer bottles, form a significant portion of household waste and ultimately find their way to landfills. Recycling of glass is a smart approach towards reducing harsh environmental impact. Studies have proved that glass recycling reduces air pollution by 20 per cent and water pollution by 50 per cent. A unique feature of glass is that it does not degrade easily and can be recycled countless times without any loss in quality or purity. When mixed with resins, cement, epoxy and tinted binding agents, glass can be used effectively in your home. As a matter of fact, recycled glass is being actively used as an aggregate in concrete, giving it better strength and thermal insulation.

MakaaniQ lists five ways you can bring back discarded glass products into your household:

Kitchen countertops


Recycled glass can be used for remodelling the kitchen or bathroom area. The transparent material can be used to create elegant countertops by mixing it with substances like concrete, marble or recycled paper. This is bound to exhibit a vibrant granite-like or mosaic-like effect and will enhance the brightness and colour of the space.

Versatile tiles


Glass tiles made from 100 per cent recycled glass are quite popular nowadays, as it requires lesser amount of energy to produce it as compared to ceramic tiles. Install glass tiles for your shower walls or kitchen which will reflect light and make the space appear larger. In addition to their glossy and polished look, the tiles are sure to give you some exciting results when painted in different colours.

Garden mulch

Tumbled glass mulch made from used glass bottles, old windows and other glass materials are also very popular. The mulch does not have jagged or sharp edges which are an advantage and thus, find its application in landscape especially pathways, firepits and around potted plants. Pulverised or crushed glass is an ideal substitute for sand. Fill up the sandbox with the sparkling glass pieces to cradle stepping stones in eye-catching colour combinations.

Aquariums or custom pools


Recycled glass is a suitable option when designing a custom pool and can be fitted along the concrete liner of the pool, creating a magnificent visual effect when it reflects light. If not a pool for yourself, create an attractive haven for fishes in the shape an aquarium with recycled glass.

Lighting fixtures


Glass bottles can be converted into lighting fixtures which will add a classy touch to your home or outdoor space. Cut the bottle in half to place a bulb inside or drill a hole in the bottom to insert a string of LED lights. The DIY-item can be used as a décor piece to give an informal feel to the area. Used glass bottles can also be used as a candleholder or lamp stand.

Last Updated: Tue Jul 18 2017

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