5 Ways To Use Bamboo In Your Décor

5 Ways To Use Bamboo In Your Décor

5 Ways To Use Bamboo In Your Décor

Those who love nature, add plants to their home decor. But, there is another element from the nature that can add to the beauty of your abode. It is bamboo. Raw in look, these long and hollow sticks can be easily installed and are known to merge with various elements, including modern and vintage, of your home only to enhance the décor.

These could also be a perfect Diwali gift for those planning to go green this festive season. 

MakaaniQ lists five ways in which you could add nature to your home by using bamboo:

Divide and rule

Bamboo separator(Dreamstime)

A perfect fit for those who live in a studio apartment or for those looking to divide their living room into two section, one of lounging and one for dining, bamboo can be a great room divider. Opaque in nature, when placed next to each other, they provide complete privacy, almost like a wall. To further enhance the look, frame these bamboo sticks between two glass walls and lay some stones on the floor between the two glass frames. This would instantly give a walk-in-the-woods look.

A forest in the frontyard


Bamboo Garden 1(Dreamstime)

For those planning to create a seating area on their porch or in a spacious frontyard, bring nature amid nature. Create a pergola using bamboo i.e. bamboo flooring, bamboo fence, bamboo roof. To complete the look, add some white chiffon curtains, a seating area with bright-coloured cushions. Want to do something elaborate? Create a small pond around this pergola and you will have your own small forest like garden in your home. A perfect place to lounge and soak up the sun.

On the top

Bamboo Porch(Dreamstime)

Bamboo roofing will not just add to your home's close-to-the-nature look but also add to your environment-friendly quotient. Use bamboo to roof your porch area and hang some beautiful basket plants. You could also add some cane furniture to the porch to complete the look. This roofing would allow the natural light to seep in along with keeping away the rain water from your porch.

Walk on the bamboo

Bamboo Flooring(Dreamstime)

Along with being an eco-friendly option, bamboo flooring is easy to maintain. A natural material it also doesn't expand or contract with the rise and fall in temperature or with water spillage. Moreover, this flooring is in vogue and is durable. So, go ahead place this flooring all across your home without thinking twice.

Brighten up by nature

Bamboo Lighting(Dreamstime)

While we all talk about conserving energy with the use of LED, why not couple this with nature's conservation by using lighting fixtures made of bamboo rather than using plastic ones? And not just conservation, these fixtures add a new level of aesthetic appeal to your décor. Imagine LEDs placed in bamboo sticks and hung on your dining area. While it emits faint light in the room, it ensures focused lighting on the dining table which is an important aspect when designing a dining area. Go ahead, the market is full of some interesting pieces.

Last Updated: Thu Jun 13 2019

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